Some Scholars With Difficult News Should Be Listened To

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 19:09 PM
March 19, 2012

 Astute scholars must admit that even with all of the occult activity before and during Hitler’s war, it still could not have come to pass without billions of dollars in support coming from somewhere.  Antony C. Sutton, author of “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler,” says that ‘somewhere” is Wall Street!
 The major thesis throughout all of Sutton’s work is that all of the wars our nation has been in since World War I were orchestrated by a very small group of extremely wealthy corporate owners for the sole purpose of making themselves even wealthier.  Sutton’s thesis is extremely difficult for patriotic Americans to believe, but the author backs it up with plenty of factual research.

 While Sutton focuses on Wall Street moguls who financed Hitler, he admits the influence that occult practices had on the Hitler regime:  “. . .  a little known aspect of Hitlerism is the mystical origins of Naziism, and its relations with the Thule Society and with other conspirational groups, the Bavarian Illuminati . . .”

 Based on what he sees as three types of manipulated socialism––Russian communism, Roosevelt’s New Deal, and the Nazi Socialist Party––Sutton insists that at the same time the cartel was financing Hitler, they were also financing Stalin.  Their goal was to seethe nations into World War so that they could make tons of money selling, guns, tanks, planes, gasoline, etc. to both sides!

 Further, Sutton said the same things about every war in recent U.S. History, including the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam:  “. . . since the United States, through financing the Soviet Union “directly or indirectly armed both sides in at least Korea and Vietnam.”  Apparently, these wars were organized in order “to generate multibillion-dollar armaments contracts.”

 Indicating his expertise on these issues, Sutton also wrote:  “National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union;” “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development;” “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy;” “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution;” “America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones,” etc.  He considered that last book his best work.

 Richard Pipes, author of “Survival is Not Enough: Soviet Realities and America’s Future” says that too many people dismiss Sutton’s work:  “Sutton comes to conclusions that are uncomfortable for many businessmen and economists. For this reason his work tends to be either dismissed out of hand as ‘extreme’ or, more often, simply ignored.”  To ignore Sutton may be dangerous.
 Fifty million were killed in World War II.  If Sutton is correct, members of these financing cabals are linked to Satan, and all of his demonic hosts.  Thus, historical Bible Books promise they will join the imps in the center of hell:  “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God (Psalm 9: 17).”

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