Nazism’s Ancient Evils: The Insanity Hitler’s gods––No Guilt, Pt 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:20 PM
September 28, 2012

 Whether it was to place blame on other ‘unknown’ Nazis, or on Jews and other non-Aryan victims, or even to deny that the Holocaust even existed, most Nazi soldiers and World War II German citizens exhibited little guilt about their participation in mass murders.  Today’s neo-Nazis still wallow in that guiltlessness.

 Once Satanist initiates get deeper into occult human sacrifices, they have a hardened sense of guilt, and can easily lie without compunction.  After entering Satan’s world of human and animal sacrifice, wholesale murder can become easy.

 In ‘Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing, and Dying: The Secret WWII Transcripts of German POWs,’ authors Soenke Neitzel & Harald Welzer give copious examples of Nazi soldiers, who as prisoners of war, blithely deny knowing about slaughtering Jews. But when alone in their cells, they casually discussed it openly.

 In those private moments, the prisoners didn’t know the British intelligence service was secretly recording their conversations.  In a recent interview, the writers insist the tapes “make it clear that practically all German soldiers knew or suspected that Jews were being murdered en masse.”

 In one of those tapes, Luftwaffe Lieutenant Colonel von Müller-Rienzburg told his cell mates: “The SS issued an invitation to go and shoot Jews.  All the troops went along with rifles and … shot them up. Each man could pick the one he wanted. Those were …of the SS, which will, of course, bring down bitter revenge.”

 The colonel said that the SS invitation was like a call to a hunt.  And another officer, Luftwaffe First Lieutenant Fried admitted he participated in that ‘hunt:’  “Yes, I did. Some of the people . . . said: ‘Here come the swine,’ and swore and threw stones and things at them. There were women and children there, too!”

 One mental gymnastic Nazis used to cope with the guilt of mass murder was to blame the victims.  An artillery officer  named Holscher told his fellow prisoner, foot soldier Von Bastian: “It’s very strange that they are always against us.”

 The foot soldier agreed:  “Yes, it’s very, very strange.”  Then Holscher explained:  “As Adolf said, it’s possibly all due to the Jews.”  And Von Bastian answered:  “Both England and America are under the influence of the Jews.”

 Being part of a regimental system that murdered some 11 million innocents who were not opposing military, and then pretending that such atrocities did not happen is mass insanity that springs from worshiping and obeying idol gods.

 Perhaps they ignorantly overplayed racial pride, ancient ethnic history, or dabbled in mysticisms for ‘fun.’  But by gradually turning away from The God of Jesus Christ, Germans slid into the hidden apocalypse with which they played.  The social construction of reality in Hitler’s world led to over 50 million deaths.

 And that history is welded to Germany’s future.  Isaiah 44: 24 – 25 reads: “Thus saith The LORD, Thy Redeemer, . .  . That frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men backward, and maketh their knowledge foolish . . .”  If such human will keeps pushing towards World War III, that future will be locked in hell’s eternity with the lying insane gods they serve!

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