Is The NRA Preparing for Chaos Or The End of America As We Know It?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 7:00 AM
December 21, 2012

        What did National Rifle Association spokesman and Board Member, Charlton Heston, mean when saying the only way ‘they’ get his gun would be to “pry it out of my cold dead hands”?  Was he signaling a type of war over his right to possess arms?

Who is the real enemy in NRA board member Chuck Norris’ movie ‘Invasion U.S.A.’  Like many of Norris’ films, he battles against ‘weak’ elements within the government. In ‘Code of Silence’ the Norris character fights a criminal cartel as well as a crooked cop who persuades the rest of the force to go against Norris.

In ‘Invasion U.S.A., Norris heads a militia group confronting South American drug-dealers.  When the U.S. government has the military take over the battle, officials arrest Hunter/Norris and he becomes the enemy.

Another NRA Board member, Oliver North, has a non-fictional history of operating against and outside of the government that he, as a military officer, represented.  The text of the 1988 Subcommittee Report, ‘Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy,’ cites North’s involvement in beginnings of drug smuggling sales into America’s inner-cities in order to finance Central America’s contra army.

Still another NRA Board member, rock singer Ted Nugent, openly threatens the President of the United States and promises to wage war against half of the government’s representatives:  “I told him [the President] to suck on my machine gun.”  The Secret Service may be investigating that threat.

David A. Graham of ‘The Atlantic’ says:  “Nugent also recommends decapitating Democrats: ‘We need to ride onto that battlefield and chop their heads off in November.’  The folks brandishing rifles in the background of the video above add another element of surrealism to the proceeding.”

According to Woodgate’s ‘Challenging the NRA’s 2nd Amendment Philosophy: The Fear of Tyranny,’ the NRA was formed in 1871 to better train troops in shooting skills, it as funded as a non-profit foundation in 1990 “a means to raise millions of dollars to fund gun safety and educational projects of benefit to the general public.”  But, although it is not publicly-stated NRA policy, their members “defend the position that ownership of assault weapons are necessary to defend against tyranny from our government leaders.”

Woodgate’s analysis explains that this fear of government goes back to farmer militias during the Revolutionary War who were fearful that the British Empire could return and take away their new-found freedoms.  Such fears are, of course, not rational in today’s 200 year history of democracy and freedom.

As long as some among the NRA’s Board of Directors express such distrust of elected officials, it is doubtful they will listen to them.  Do NRA heads want elected government or do they want to abolish democracy?  While NRA members, such as North and Norris, claim to be Christians, they are ignorant of Bible historical Books which foretell their future:  “The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence His soul hateth (Psalm11: 5).”

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