Democracy Flimflams: Truth––Theirs or Ours?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 16:17 PM
April 24, 2013

Putin-comic    Both Japan and Russia are proving these days that slapping the word ‘democracy’ on a nation doesn’t make it so.  Putin’s claim of ‘free and democratic elections’ is only highlighted when he ever-so-often changes seats with his younger compatriot.  His style of democracy further unravels when those who speak out against him, or run against his party, are often either jailed or killed.

And now a New York Times editorial is asking why Japan reverts back to its days of pride, ethnic identity and nationalism rather than proudly asserting its role as Asia’s one true democracy––which is what the U.S. greatly desires.

The name of Japan’s presently elected government, the Liberal Democratic Party led by Shinzo Abe, is misleading as it is staunchly conservative, not liberal at all.  As such it continuously seeks to rewrite the history Japan’s defeat in WW2.

Thus, knowing their actions would stir up historical tensions throughout Asia, 168 of that Party’s members visited Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine to honor their soldiers who died in WW2, including the ones executed for war crimes.

As Martin Fackler writes in ‘Old Sore Spots Flare Up in China-Japan Disputes:’  “The visit threatens to exacerbate tensions with South Korea and China, which view the shrine as a symbol of a lack of repentance for Japan’s brutal How_to_visit_a_japanese_shrine-Naomi_Bestexpansion across Asia.

“But the analysts also called it the latest example of how Japanese ultraconservatives have become more vocal in recent years, amid growing unease over China’s rising power . . .”

The Times editorial board writes as if shocked at Japan’s actions: “Instead of exacerbating historical wounds, Mr. Abe should focus on writing Japan’s future, with an emphasis on improving its long-stagnant economy and enhancing its role as a leading democracy in Asia and beyond.”

Surely, the Times knows better.  Being the leading democracy in Asia is not Mr. Abe’s goal.  Japan’s elite rulership over all of Asia is!  Authentic democracies only work when: citizens unglue themselves from past tribal histories; allow honest dissension from those who may look or think differently; and where authentic journalism flourishes.

Otherwise, like the ‘lipstick on a pig adage,’ rule by oligarchy is still not democracy.  Of course, the same could be said of Iran, which may have elections, but the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is still the ‘ruler-in-chief.’

Those U.S. senators who voted against a gun-control bill that 90% of the American people want should keep that in mind.  As Bible-inspired writing insists, only when one knows and lives the truth, does the truth set one free (John 8: 36).

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