Unseen Forces of Good at War with Unseen Forces of Evil

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 13:59 PM
February 8, 2012

 Europe was rife with occult practices before and during the rise of Hitler.  While orthodox churches seemed weak and out-of-date, the rise of secret psychic groups, returns to ancient Celtic witchcraft, and intellectual pursuit of dark arts was everywhere.  Hitler’s inner circles, his symbolic imagery, and war events schedule were all guided by mystery instruments of calendar numerology and mythology.

 The evil forces Hitler and his most knowledgeable followers relied upon comprise an unseen world of spiritual beings that arrange themselves around the earth so as to make Satan’s control ubiquitous––i.e. to seem as if his forces were omnipresent.  Their hierarchical order has Satan at the top, those angels who rebelled against God and were kicked out of heaven with him in the middle, and demonic beings at the bottom––like the triangle symbol in various occult rituals.
 (Demons are disembodied spirits who well may have inhabited earth in the first creation that God judged with destruction between Genesis 1: 1 and 1: 2, which prophets Isaiah (14: 9 – 17), Jeremiah (4: 23 – 26) and Peter (2 Peter 3: 6) and other Bible passages describe.  See Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible.)

 One should also understand the enormous power of the human will to resist evil forces and the destruction and death they try to bring.  Once that human will is ignited with God’s divine power through the blood of His Son Jesus, the devil and his minions can be victoriously destroyed and sent to hell, their eternal home.

 If all that surrounds the earth were forces or evil, mankind would have been defeated long ago, because there is little capacity within an unenlightened mind to grasp realities of the unseen world.  Those who dabble in, or go deeper into, witchery or other “crafts” of darkness may even try to work it for their advantage.  But if they ever want to get out, they find it difficult to be released from the clutches that the world of evil can hold on the human soul.

 The greatest power to resist the satanic kingdom are the prayers of Bible-believing Christians, who, filled with God’s Holy Spirit, intercede for the right side: Mothers at home who prayed for their sons at war; pastors and churches who cried out to God for the nation’s victory; and chaplains who blessed soldiers while calling on God to send His angels of light to assist them in winning the battle.

 Such prayer is the Christian’s duty to defeat the powers of darkness.  Such resistance is also the duty of those who have utter distaste for the works of evil.

 On any Christian nonfiction book list ––including Irene Park’s “The Witch That Switched” or Rebecca Brown’s “He  Came  to Set the Captives Free”––one can find authors attempting to tell both sides of the unseen forces of good and evil, whereas horror literature only wants to initiate fear of the dark forces.  The aim of true Christians writers is to show readers a path of redemption from the world of evil to the world of God’s loving, kind forgiveness and salvation––the True Light.

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