After World War III: Hilterists Plan to Remake Life Underground

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:21 AM
February 29, 2012

 The History Channels and the Military Channel give vivid diagrams of the underground bunker where Hitler went into hiding to avoid capture at the end of World War II.  Above the fact that many researchers do not believe that those were Hitler’s bones burning outside the bunker, or sitting on shelves in Moscow––is the symbolism of what that bunker represents––a symbolic city beneath the earth!

 When Louis Pauwels writes, in “The Morning of the Magicians: Secret Societies, Conspiracies, and Vanished Civilizations,” that Hitler and his closest followers believed that they lived in the center of the Earth, and that there was another Earth high above them––they spoke in coded language.  For indeed, the world that they believed in was supposedly deep inside the Earth’s core.
 Today, almost a century later, witnesses give testimony about hidden underground cities that the “elites” in secret societies have constructed to give themselves a place of safety once World War III’s nuclear war breaks out.  Researchers estimate that some 40 of these underground cities are in the United States, and more than another 150 are supposedly around the world.

 Be assured, authors are not speaking about such obvious things as malls that have basements going down several levels, or of underground restaurants serving quaint delicacies.  Like Pauwels, these witnesses tell of an underground world of evil, inhabited by:  1) Dead elites from who once belonged to or founded secret societies; 2) Fallen angels (2 Peter 2: 4); 3)  Giant creatures from before and after Noah’s floods, and the one in Genesis 1: 1 – 2; 4) The “lost,” those who died outside of Christ and are now enslaved in Satan’s kingdom (Matthew 18: 11); 5) And demons banished into hell before the judgment (Mark 5: 1 – 13).

 For those who want to peek beyond the games of “temporary” truths prancing around the news today, the internet has plenty of reports about these hidden underground cities.  So do the public libraries.

 Consider for instance: Philip Schneider’s presentation, “Underground Truth,” in;  AmenstopProductions on You Tube, “Underground Cities Aren’t for Dummies;” Richard Sauder’s “Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide;” and Jim Marrs “The Rise of the Fourth Reich,” etc. 

 Many of these witnesses, have given their lives for these revelations.  And these reports coincide with what the Bible says about the netherworld!  Their testimonies simply are not more anti-Christian fiction.
 For now,  remember David’s words: “let them go down quick into hell (Psalms 55: 15);” Jonah’s prayer:  “I cried by reason of mine affliction unto The LORD, and He heard me; out of the belly of hell cried I (2: 2);” or The LORD Jesus’ promise, “I . . . have the keys of hell and death! (Revelation 1: 18).”

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