Preclude to WW3: Germans Blindly Slipping Into La-La Land Again

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 7:00 AM
July 7, 2014

World-Map-GermanyMost Germans simply did not see World War II coming. Thanks to Hitler’s thievery from fleeing and incarcerated Jews, and wealth stolen from other nations he invaded, the country’s economy had recovered from depressive losses of World War I. In a relatively few short years, ethnically pure Germans lived on easy street.

Through his stealthy preparations for a new war, Hitler had factories booming building cars, tanks, etc. All things were neatly in order, and a decade before he invaded Austria and Ethiopia, German’s wildly celebrated the Fuehrer.

Then Germans proudly declared war against the world, fully believing they would win against England, France, Russia and eventually the United States. Back then, the German people had been lulled to sleep into La-La Land––a Never, Never place of restful delusion unwilling to cede to reality. But reality soon crashed in!

That country may well be slipping into similar states of delusion today.  Recent national and EU elections saw Russian-dollsfar-right groups––financed by Russia’s Putin and his public relations outreach––excel to prominent representations. And the leaders of these groups laud Putin for his stand in Ukraine, and against the U.S.

Now some scholars point out that even political thinkers on the left are enamored with Russia as well, and also want less of a relationship with the United States.  In ‘Part of the West? ‘German Leftists Have Still Not Understood Putin’,’ Christiane Hoffmann and René Pfister explain:

“Many Germans still have sympathy for the idea that Germany can exist as something like a large Switzerland in the middle of Europe. Many in Germany would like to see their country strive for equi-distance between the West and Russia.” The two interviewed German historian Heinrich August Winkler who insists “some Germans have romanticized Putin.”

Like hardliners on Germany’s political right, those on the left question the nation’s “memberships in NATO and the European Union.”  Further Winkler explains:  “Their sympathy for Putin comes largely from their antipathy for America. And this anti-Americanism is what binds them with the far-right.”

So now both ends of Germany’s political spectrum are against America––the same America that broke down the Berlin Wall and united the nation. The same America that insisted Germany be handled with kind mercy after World War II.

Perhaps all in the nation have slathered into the maze of this stupor, because they refuse to build any military might, preferring to profit from domestic industrial output and the interest payments pouring in from the rest of Europe.

Germany cannot see she is losing her youngest generation to militant Islam, because they yearn for something to believe in, they same way their parents want to believe in Russia. Perhaps a few grandparents remember the real Russia. On the other hand, empty churches and rising decadence may also drive the young away.

Now in the prize pearl of Europe, Germany’s people do not show interest in Islamic threats in Nigeria, pending wars between China and Japan, or the pathetic cries of Ukraine as it struggles to get away from Russia to join the EU. In La La Land, one cannot be concerned about the realities others face.

As historical Books of the Old Testament teach: “For the idols have spoken vanity, and the diviners have seen a lie, and have told false dreams; they comfort in vain: therefore they went their way as a flock, they were troubled, because there was no shepherd (Zechariah 10:2).” Germany, like every other nations, needs Jesus, The One True Shepherd of every flock!

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