What Prophecies to Expect Fulfillment in 2015

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 0:18 AM
February 5, 2015

EU puzzle       One of the reasons this blogger did not care to summarize 2014 is that the year was too full of prophetic hints that the end of mankind’s time on earth is so very near the end. Most prophets in pulpits, on-line and on television, who in any way try to follow God’s leadings know so. Unfortunately, some get it wrong.

According to beforeitsnews.com, and John Shorey, author of ‘Unlocking the Mystery of The Book of Revelation: The Unveiling of What Was Sealed,’ in Luke 21: The LORD’s promise to return immediately after a catastrophic event. “Soon” should be interpreted as: “at once, immediately, before long, speedily, willingly and [perhaps most important} before the usual time.”

Associates of that site also use the Jewish term Shemitah, or blood moons, to predict The LORD’s return as being no later than 2015 or 2016, including translations of those words in Luke 21 and Acts 2, to indicate that mankind can either hasten or prolong that return. While Acts 2 mentions a blood moon, it also includes terms blood, fire and vapor of smoke, for which they give no explanation.

Most those wordings are not in the King James Version. The gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke were generally directed towards Jewish audiences. Thus, they speak of the persecutions that will befall Jews after the Rapture, mentioning the temple in Jerusalem (not yet built).  Only the gospel of John is considered universal. The LORD’s direction in that gospel simply promises that believers will be persecuted before His return (16: 1-4) as is the case in parts of the world today.

T.V. evangelist Jim Baker sets forth Dave Wilkinson’s book, ‘Racing Towards Judgment,’ to argue that America is Mystery Babylon. He, Shorey and beforeitsnews.com further posit that America will be divided in half by a great earthquake that will forever separate then devastated Western states from the East. It is true that either America and Israel withhold allegiance, or America would have to be incapacitated for Israel to be struck down, but the Bible does not specify.

Those who want to know about prophecy in 2015 should keep an eye on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its soon attempt to take over other former Soviet nations. They should also watch Greece continue to pull away from the European Union.  It will be followed by England and others to the EU’s destruction.

Muslims gradual take-over of Europe is a fast growing factor, as recent attacks in France indicate. Soon their growth, declines of Christianity in Europe, and vacillation in the Catholic Church will comprise ‘The Holy Roman Empire’.

Most reliable is Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible, and Finis Dake’s additional books, especially theotherislamicbomb12_xlarge‘Revelation Expounded: Eternal Mysteries Simplified.’ His Biblically-based conclusions prove that the United States is not Mystery Babylon. Instead the Pope’s Catholic Church is that mystery.

Moreover, Rev. Dake uses Biblical texts to identify Literal Babylon as Iraq, the capital from which Syrian-born anti-Christ will rule.  Thus, anyone can see prophecy come to life as murderous ISIS rebels now control vast regions of Iraq and Syria and claim to have now made them one new nation.

Before He arose to the heavens The LORD Jesus told believers: “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which The Father hath put in His own power (Acts 1: 7).” However, those paying close attention to their used Christian Bibles will have much better ideas than other speculations not based on God’s Word!

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