Who Pulls World-Wide Emerging Nazis’ Strings?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 20:17 PM
May 21, 2012

       One must ask how, after such a horrendous defeat in World War II, can Nazism prominently show its ugly head again some 70 years later?  How can Neo-Nazis enter into national political races––and win?  How did Neo-Nazis stay under the radar, while systematically killing scores of people throughout Europe?

Moreover:  Who is financing the growth of these various Neo-Nazi organizations?  What laws govern them, and why in some countries do they seem to be closely associated with law enforcement officers?  How could leaders have allowed such Neo-Nazi growth, particularly among the youth of their nations?

Khaled Diab points out in “Neo-Nazism Is Europe’s Hidden Terrorist Menace,” for guardian.co.uk,  that while Europe keeps Islamic extremism in the media spotlight, very little is said about Neo-Nazi extremists.  “In contrast, Hitler’s ideological descendants, who have become increasingly emboldened in recent years, constitute a . . . threat that largely goes unnoticed and under-reported.”

He uses an example of the Belgian neo-Nazi group Bloed, Bodem, Eer en Trouw (Blood, Soil, Honor and Loyalty).  Members of this organization are accused of planning terror attacks against banks and other institutions, plotting assassinations of politicians, and otherwise destabilizing Belgium.  And they plan to blame some of their crimes on Muslims.

Such groups cannot just be explained away by high unemployment among youth, exclusion from society, or youthful indiscretions.  And Europeans must look deeply into their historical and ethnic psyches to explain how they have conveniently ignored this rise of Neo-Nazism.

In his book, ‘The Bormann Brotherhood,’ William Stevenson deftly makes the case that Martin Bormann not only survived the downfall Germany and Hitler, but that he had long planned his own escape, and that of his closest men, with intentions of building the world-wide Fourth Reich.

Stevenson writes that Bormann ignored the downfall of Germany, rather he concentrated on building a world-wide Nazi empire that would last into this century:  “He was concerned instead with a future based on Nazi philosophy, financed by Nazi loot, supported by a personally loyal Brotherhood . . .”

Stevenson says that Bormann was building a structure of international Nazism with networks in the Middle East, Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula and other parts of Europe––in short, places of power around the world.

This blog has pointed out the gold smuggled out of Germany into other European countries––particularly Switzerland––and in the Middle East, before World War II ended.  Bormann supervised that gold’s movement.  As Joel 3: 9 demands, “Prepare war, wake up the mighty men . . .”  As Joel and other Bible Historical Books point out––World War is coming again!

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