Roman Ancestry, Catholic Church, Mafia, Masons, Fascism & EU

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 12:31 PM
June 25, 2012

   One must look beyond Germany to Italy to get to the root of the economic problems jolting the European Union (EU).  And when looking at Italy a mass of confusion surfaces with historic entanglements between:  the Vatican, the Mafia, Masonic Lodges,  Fascism and the Roman Empire!

Fascism was born in Italy, not Germany.  And, while most countries in the civilized world flirted with Fascism, those two nations were the only ones to be totally controlled by admittedly Fascist governments for decades.

Of course, Italy, is an almost totally Catholic country, while in Germany the predominant religion is Catholic.  (According to Wikipedia, before reunification, 45% of West Germany was Catholic, while after reunification, its religious affiliation is down to 30%, as large areas of the ‘new’ nation are non-religious). points out that “prominent Catholic politicians were dominant in the creation of the European Union . . . French pro-European strategist Jean Monnet, French Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Schumann, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, the Italian President of Ministers Alcide de Gasperi, etc.”

That blogger’s point is that the EU is a group of Catholic countries, started by Catholics, for the Catholic Church, and that the Catholic Church is, or was, slated to rule over it.  In 1879, Pope Leo XIII stated:  “The Church of Rome is one monarchy over all the kingdoms, as the mind and soul of the body of the man, or as God in the world. Therefore, the Church of Rome must not only have the spiritual power, but also the supreme temporal power.”  And later, another Pope stated:  “The power of the Church is superior to the power of the state.”

In a 1991 article in the Swedish newspaper ‘Sydsvenskan,’ Lars Bergqvist, Swedish ambassador to the Vatican stated:  “We should note that the EU was founded by devoted Catholics, such as Adenauer (German), Schumann (French) and de Gasperi (Italian).  All of them had the union of Europe as an object.” And The Sunday Telegraph wrote under the title “Now, A Holy European Empire?”

From its beginning, the European Union has been in a struggle with the Catholic Church as to EU laws, rights and rulership.  Recently that struggle has come to the fore, and the Catholic Church feels very much threatened by the EU.

But both the Church and the European Union are also entangled with underground elements in Italy, including the Mafia, the Black Pope, Masonic Lodges, and the avowed history of the Roman Empire.  And, as the third largest economy in Europe, Italy cannot be easily displaced from the EU.

Now these elements clash over different views of the social construction of reality, resulting in massive bank thefts, kidnappings, Catholic Church cover-ups, and murders.  But, as Solomon writes, “there is no new thing under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1: 9).”  And war, a very old thing––World War III––will be the result!

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