Austria: Home of Mozart, Liszt, Strauss, Hitler and Neo-Nazis

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
August 6, 2012

    Police in Austria watched as neo-Nazi thugs bludgeoned a political leader; relatives moved the graves of Hitler’s parents to prevent worshipping visitors from further trampling the grave sites; a trickle-paying fund to compensate victims of Nazi persecution is shutting down; teenage Nazis fire on concentration camp survivors––yes, neo-Nazis are alive and thriving in modern-day Vienna!

Like other nations within the European Union, Austria’s Nazi past is merging with and influencing its neo-Nazi future.  For instance:

Croatian  Milivoj Asner, accused of sending hundreds of Jews, Gypsies and Serbs to death camps, finds Austria to be a safe haven for WWII Nazis.  After he fled there when that war ended, Austria granted Asner citizenship.  With the assumed name of George Aschner, he lived in Austria for some 50 years, before trying to resettle in Croatia.  But when he was discovered, he fled back to Austria.

In ‘Most Wanted Nazis,’ Bridget Johnson discusses his most recent history: “In 2005, Croatia requested extradition, but Austria denied the request on the basis of Asner’s citizenship. When it was discovered that he’s lost his citizenship, Austria denied extradition on medical grounds.”  He died in Klagenfurt, Austria, at age 98.

Undoubtedly, neo-Nazis [called Bundes Heimattreuer Jugend in Austria] met with, and were trained by, Asner and other Nazis before his death.  Also, undoubtedly, Asner and other Nazis financed neo-Nazi projects.  For example:

When Gottfried Küssel, Christian Wilhelm Anderle and Felix Budin went on trial in Vienna, Austria, recently, it was discovered that they are leaders of Perfect Privacy, one of the world’s largest commercial and anonymous internet providers.

According to, this VPN-provider, through the hosting account, gets income from some 54 domains they use for neo-Nazi propaganda. was founded by American neo-Nazi activists, Hunter Wallace.

This kind of world-wide wealth does not come about by accident.  Nor can it be the result of a few internet nerds blundering into wealth.  It had to happen with training and financing from older Nazis and hidden Nazi groups.

( recommends that internet users avoid Perfect Privacy, and that they “spread the news about the political background of this company and the associated risks, in order to reach as many (potential or current) users and customers of Perfect Privacy as possible.”)

As Nero Wolfe novels by Rex Stout show, it takes dedicated and coordinated researchers to get to the root of murderous plots passed on from generation to generation.  Job points out that Christian believers must know that the day of God’s judgment against such plots is almost here:  “Why, seeing times are not hidden from The Almighty, do they that know Him not see His days? (Job 24: 1).

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