The Hand of Providence Helped World War II Victory

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:11 PM
August 20, 2012

About 70 years passed between WWI, and the beginnings of WWII.  Now it is some 70 years since the end of WWII, and preparations for WWIII have begun.  God is giving the United States, England, Canada and other nations warnings and time to prepare for World War III, and to decide if they will fight on the side of Hitlerian Nazis, or on the side of goodness, mercy, and eternal truth.

A legacy of film, internet, media, and scholarly works prepared for today tell men and nations to make decisions about which side they will take in the coming War.  Make no mistake:  all nations will be on one side or the other.

The Military and History Channels show excellent examples of how Hitler duped Germany into war.  And Fritz Fischer, the lone German scholar proved that in addition to starting WW2, Germany also started WWI.  Now through economic pressures, Germany is pushing Europe (and the rest of us) toward World War III.

However, the 2010 film ‘The King’s Speech’ well illustrates ways in which the divine Hand of Providence placed people to be instrumental in saving righteous nations.  One of His selections was the improbable King George VI.

A second son, King George VI, ascended to the throne only after his older brother, sitting King Edward VIII, walked away from the right to be king of England, and emperor over the British Empire, so he could marry a twice divorced woman against Church law. (She seems to have been a provocative spy for Hitler).

The new king didn’t relish the role, because he had struggled with a heavy stuttering disability since childhood. Tradition said that the king spoke for the people.  Yet, George’s stuttering made public speaking nearly impossible.  And the new age of radio broadcasting demanded that a national leader use it to reach millions of his subjects.  But, Providence gave George two very precious helps:

First, a loving supportive wife devoted to his success, who would not give up until she found someone who could mend that handicap; and second, an unlikely self-taught speech teacher, Lionel Logue from the ‘outback’ Australia, who was a whiz at dealing with speech defects.  With the handicap managed, King George VI gave great speeches that led his nation on to victory!

Other films give excellent background on God’s Hand during World War II:  that scene in ‘Patton’ when he ordered a chaplain to pray that God would stop the snow; or the eloquent Russian snipper who refused to give up in ‘Enemy at the Gate.’  ‘The Kings Speech’ ranks with all stories about heroes.

Many Nazis were in England in the WWII era, but they did not win over British people, who survived the turmoil of Edward throwing away the kingship, and who learned to love and follow a king who had overcome his handicap.

Today, God is giving America and other nations a chance.  Bible historical books give innumerable examples of that Hand of Providence.  As Apostle John says: “God is Love (1 John 4: 8).  And now, A kind, gracious, loving God is preparing us for WW3––if we let Him!

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