Inclusion or Exclusion: Using Biometrics to Control Human Life,Pt.2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 11:54 AM
January 24, 2012

 Nations around the world now use some versions of biometric systems, but none as extensive as the system India is putting in place.  According to Aaron Saenz of Singularity, India’s UID (Unique Identification Number) biometric numbering system will also be tied to facial photographs, iris scans of both eyes, and fingerprints of all ten digits.
 Saenz explains:  “this will be the first biometrically verified universal ID implemented on a national scale.”  Complete family information also applies as applicants must include living parents and their UID numbers. Apparently, all this information will be on a universal ID card.

 Alex Daley of Casey Research adds palm scanning to the list of coming biometric systems.   Also adds that biometric systems will soon include behavioral characteristics such as:  “signature, voice, keystroke pattern, and gait.”  Wikipedia adds “typing rhythm” to the list of “behaviormetrics,” or “biosignals.”  Hand geometry, DNA, ear and vascular traits may also be included.

 Most important, Saenz explains the program’s ultimate dangers:  “Putting all the personal information in one system opens the possibilities that it can be used for nefarious purposes––everything from identification fraud to genocide.”

 The potential for genocide is exactly the problem.   In his excellently researched book, “IBM and the Holocaust,” Edwin Black exposes the fact that IBM used its early computer system of “punch cards” to keep very accurate data on the Jewish people––a system that “neatly” set Jews up for mass slaughter.

 Black explains that without such computerized-type systems, Jews in Germany could not have been rounded up for genocide:  “Since the advent of the Third Reich, thousands of Jews nervously assumed they could hide from the Aryan clause.  But Jews could not hide from millions of punch cards . . .  comparing names across generations, address changes across regions, families trees and personal data across unending registries. It did not matter that the required forms or questionnaires were filled in by leaking pens or barely sharpened pencils, only that they were later tabulated and sorted by IBM’s precision technology.”

 Now we are living in the age of advanced technology and super computers.  India’s use of computerized biometrics proves that any such genocidal round-ups could move swiftly through realms of societies as rulers will.  If there is not enough food to go around, biometrics could identify lower classes to be eliminated.

 All of which brings up the point that to fully grasp the urgent importance of 21st century biometrics in a discussion of these last days in the end of time, a study of  Hitler’s holocaust against the Jews must be included.  Bible inspired writing easily proves that Napoleon was the first anti-Christ prototype and Hitler was the second.  Biometric technology now sets the stage for the third and last anti-Christ!

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