2012: Era of Wars and Rumors of War, and That Final War

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 20:15 PM
January 25, 2012

 Included in the list of 10 Bible prophecies now fulfilled in this new century are the many “hot” wars going on around the world.   While most of these wars are under-reported in national media, the truth is that some fifty “hot” battles are now taking place around the world.  Moreover, countries are battling over economic, political, cyber and natural resources as well.

 The Africa Sun News claims that at least 18 hot (involving fire power) conflicts are taking place within and between African countries: six in West Africa; five in East Africa; three in Central Africa; Algeria in North Africa and Angola and Zimbabwe in South Africa.  And that list did not include the civil war in Nigeria; the Casamamce war in Senegal; or the war between Kenya and Somalia.

 While the Middle East civil wars are better known, the truth is that most of them––except Syria––still seethe.  Those who drove out dictators now realize that hidden military structures want to extend non-democratic rule over these countries. 

 The United States still fights in Afghanistan, and while we may have left Iraq, civil war there continues.  And, because too many of our citizens purchase the resulting drugs, they greatly contribute to the civil drug wars in Mexico.

 Sparking up from time to time are the skirmishes between Israel and Palestine; India and Pakistan; Russia and Chechnya; China and Tibet; India and Maoist rebels; rebels in Myanmar (Burma); Fatah and Usbat al-Ansar in Lebanon; rebels in the Philippines; al-Qaida and Yemen and al-Qaida and the United States.

 The dailypioneer.com blog points out Asian nations are fiercely engaged in political, legal and public relations battles over water.  In his book, “Asia’s New Battleground,” Brahma Chellaney claims that the issue will soon lead to hot war.

 Moreover, Extinction Protocol 2012 summarizes reports from: National Post, The New York Times, telegraph.co.uk, and Reuters New Agency to point out that we are in the:  “Age of Anarchy: From Syria to Mexico, Nations Facing Growing Violence and Tensions that Could Tear Them Apart.”
 All of which fulfill prophecies by The LORD Jesus Christ Who said in the Gospels that wars and rumors of wars would be signs of His soon return to Earth(Matthew 24: 6, Mark 13: 7, etc.).  These wars also fulfill prophecies in Revelation that Satan initiates wars to kill: “And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword (6:4).”

 Hundreds of works on any Christian nonfiction book list more than prove that historically the forces of evil promote strife, contention, and war––all types of wars:  hot, cold, economic, political, etc.  Those who think they are safe from these forces in today’s “end-of-time” must wake up to the world we now live in!

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