Falling Darkness: Glorification of Evil, Sex Plots & Child Violence #2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:32 AM
June 28, 2013

Sex-Violence-Media    Every indication explodes over the airways that America is coming off the rails of good sense and common decency.  As spiritual darkness falls over the nation: guns, sexual violence, murder and death stand out continuously glorified.

Apparently these are the wishes of such groups as: the National Rifle Association (NRA), television and movie producers, and ‘do-nothing’ officials in Congress and the Federal Communications Commission, etc.  And, through television and film, the United States sells these visions of depravity to the world.

In their landmark study, “Sex, Violence and the Media,” H. J. Eysenck and D.K. Nias established decades ago that an average family’s increased television viewing––of over 40 hours a week (even then) with escalating scenes of violence, sex and pornography––has resulted in growing crime rates in Westrn countries, especially in sex crimes.

Todd Neale posits in ‘Pediatricians Fault Media Violence and Sex:’ “Violence and sex in music, movies, television and video games pose such a serious threat to children and teenagers that the nation’s chief organization of pediatricians wants doctors to do something about it.

“The evidence is now clear and convincing: media violence is one of the causal factors of real-life violence and aggression,” the American Academy of Pediatrics’ council on communications and the media concluded . . .”

Is it any wonder that major American institutions––such as the military, colleges and universities––are rife withDolce-Gabbana-holding-girl-down mishandled sexual assault charges?  Mishandled as men running such institutions downplay rape as a criminal act.

In the military, ‘all the kings horses and all the kings men’ indicate they just don’t know what to do about Humpty Dumpty’s ‘egg cracking’ as multiplying rates of sexual violence in their ranks spills over every year.  Yet, no general has been fired, and very, very few rapists have gone to jail for such crimes.

Tyler Kingkade acknowledges in ‘Occidental College Sexual Assault Response Subject Of Federal Complaints,’ that women at that school have struggled for six years to have campus officials view rape a serious crime.  Occidental even allowed rapists back on campus claiming they had ‘reformed.’

As visions of sexual violence flood this nation’s media,  it is clear that only an act of God can turn such gruesome imaginations to face everlasting realities:  Satan, the ultimate essence of evil is the force behind this darkness.  He wants to destroy this nation, and take as many as possible to hell with him.

Lines in Alan Nourse books imply: “Look out!  The crazies are loosened upon us!” But this is not fiction, these imagined lies ring out as truth within the darkness.  But take rest that The LORD Jesus Christ is coming back soon.  So each person will either reign with Him as Savior, or be ruled over by Him as LORD.

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