The Enemy of My Enemy Is Not Always My Friend, Part 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:31 PM
May 31, 2013

1-menleerigbyfront-4008578    The United States is not the only country having difficulty with immigrant violence.  Just as Germany seems unable to face realities of murderous neo-Nazis living among them, Britain’s approach to its killer immigrants appears immature.

So far––in addition to Kenyan immigrants Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Abedowale, 22, accused of murdering British soldier, Lee Rigby, 25, in broad daylight––British police have arrested 20 other foreign-born men.

In his article, ‘British Officials Knew Suspect in Soldier’s Death Had Ties to Al Qaeda,’ John Burns says the two suspects ran over Rigby with “a car on the sidewalk outside an army barracks, then attacked [him] with meat cleavers.”

Burns describes Adebolajo as “a British citizen of Nigerian descent . . . also of Nigerian origin.” Burns insists British law enforcement knew of Adebolajo’s affiliation with terrorists as he was trained in terrorist tactics in Kenya, where he was arrested “on suspicion of planning to join Al Shabab, an extremist group in Somalia that Britain has classified as a terrorist organization.”

News sources claim Adebolajo refused MI5 (Britain’s security agency) attempts to recruit him after Kenya deported him.  Agence France-Presse writes that Britain was warned about Adebolajo when he hit front pages after Kenya:

“. . . Adebolajo was pictured on the front page of several newspapers . . . in 2010.  He was detained on the [way to] a crossing point to Somalia . . . Adebolajo had been accused of trying to lead a group of youths trying to join Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab movement.” Michael-Adebolajo

Now British people are asking why their nation’s intelligence services did not monitor this killer?  Like mass attackers in the U.S., Adebolajo was caught on video saying he killed Rigby “because British troops were killing Muslims.”

In response, Commonwealth officials are taking ‘tentative’ steps.  Associated Press says: “Britain’s government is setting up a new terrorism task force to tackle radical preachers and extremism following the brutal killing of a British soldier.”

They will look at whether new laws are needed for “religious leaders who promote extremist messages and who target potential recruits in jails, schools and mosques.” But these ‘preachers’ have been inciting the same violence for years!

Officials also admit that anti-terror projects, called ‘Prevent’ should have been refunded.  Gregory Katz and Cassandra Vinograd of Associated Press write ‘Prevent’ was based on the belief that “radicalization and recruitment can be identified and then provided with support. . .  to intervene and halt the radicalization process before a crime is committed.”  How naive can they be?

Such immigration policies sound just as ineffective as those in the U.S. Politicians and security services should understand that anti-Western world forces have brought overseas wars to Western shores?  This all sounds so much like a plot in anti-Christian fiction.  As Joel cried, “. . . let the weak say, I am strong( 3:10).”

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