Turkey: People Don’t Want Muslim Rule But Prime Minister Does

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 1:45 AM
June 8, 2013

Turkish-demonstrations       It all started over the Turkish Prime Minister’s attempt to destroy the last park in the center of Istanbul so he could continue with his idea of a more modern city, but it has mushroomed into waves of protesters who claim he is a dictator.

But instead of trying to understand or communicate with those protesters, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan insists the anti-government protesters are part of foreign “terrorist organizations.”  And he still plans to redevelop that park!

In response, thousands of angry demonstrators call for him to resign. AFP News reports that “teachers, doctors, bank staff and others marched in a sea of red and yellow labour union flags in the capital Ankara and in Istanbul, where they converged on Taksim Square, the centre of nearly a week of violent clashes.”

Conflict between the two sides have hardened due to police tactics. Several people have died and more than 1,700 have been arrested.  Thus, protest leaders urge the government to fire police chiefs in Istanbul and Ankara where tear gas and other excessive force are used against Turkish citizens.

Now the United Nations, the United States and Turkey’s Western partners in NATO want it stopped.  They didn’t expect this from Turkey, which may have a Muslim population, but a constitutionally secular government.  And the U.S. counts on Turkey’s support in opposing the president of Syria in that civil war.

Up until now Erdogan has been a crafty politician. His Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power in 2002 and has since won three elections in a row.  That is quite a record in usually erratic Turkish politics.

But now, AFP News argues, Erdogan’s opponents see him as “repressing critics and of pushing conservative Islamic policies such as religious education reforms and a law curbing the sale of alcohol.”

telegraph.co.uk quotes Turkish newspaper columnist Mustafa Akyol wrote: the Prime Minister  “ . . . has the feeling Turkey-Prime-Ministerthat he can do whatever he wants . . .  Erdogan is a democratic, legitimate leader. He’s actually the most popular prime minister Turkey has seen in half a century, but his understanding of democracy has to become more participatory and more liberal.

“He has to understand that democratically elected leaders also have limits that they should not cross, and they should also try to win the other people, the other half of Turkish society as we call it, rather than intimidating them and making them more nervous.”

But Turkey’s citizens and allies should expect a long struggle, as Erdogan is marching to the tune of Armageddon’s drummer.  Through repression, he will clamp down on this civil war, and then proceed to work on reunifying Alexander, the Great’s empire––which will consist of Turkey, Greece, Syria and Egypt.

From that revived group will come the anti-Christ who will rule over parts of three continents as he prepares to battle against The LORD Jesus Christ and His troops. Only God’s Word, not anti-Christian nonfiction, reveals the true future.

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