‘Mad Science’ and Politics of Rule: Turning Men Into Animals? Pt 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:30 PM
August 28, 2013

frankensteins-cat.        A scene ‘The Borne Legacy’ has super-secret bureaucrat Col. Erik Byer, played by Edward Norton, tell the super-man-hero Aaron Cross, played by Jeremy Renner, that when scientific manipulations control selected people, controllers act as agents without morals in order to protect a ‘morally righteous’ world.

As such, controllers unleash some immoral corners of post-modern science. In ‘New Vaccine Will Control Human Behavior,’ Blanche Levine reveals a poisonous vaccine program designed to inoculate children from ever smoking:

“Their newest ‘invention’ is to inject potential smokers, even children, with genetically engineered viruses designed to infect the liver and force it to make antibiotics against nicotine. In other words, doctors will soon have the power to alter human behavior––on a genetic level.”

Dr. Levine asks:  “Does this sound ethical to inoculate children with an artificial anti-nicotine antibody called NIC9D9? Think about it––if allowed––a few major pharmaceutical corporations would (legally) be allowed to permanently damage the genetic integrity of the human race. We’ve got to stop this.”

Scripps Research Institute has already patented NIC9D9, the so-called ‘anti-smoking’ virus.”  Thus, Levine writes: “So, in the near future, people will be walking around with patented antibodies from plants owned by corporations like Monsanto. It’s already happening when uneducated consumers eat genetically modified salmon and pigs. What is our world coming to?”

Such insidious ‘science’ robs human beings of one trait that separates them from domestic animals––free will.”  In his the_wolfman_wallpaperstudy, ‘Just Say No to Mind Controlling Parasites,’ George Dvorsky comes to the same conclusion:  i.e. mind controlling viruses (as in ‘The Bourne Legacy’) can alter behaviors of their hosts.  He writes:

“Think humans are immune to mind controlling parasites? Think again. It is suspected that Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that is often contracted by humans from their cats, affects human psychology.  Dvorsky cites Jaroslav Flegr, professor of parasitology at Charles University in Prague.  Flegr found that people infected with Toxoplasma show self-blame and insecurity.  Infected women are more outgoing and warmhearted, while the men are more jealous and suspicious.

In these spheres where people operate without morals for the ‘good of mankind,’ Dvorsky points to religious cults specializing in mind control, in the same ways government ‘scientists’ use such control techniques on victims in the first three Bourne movies and in this last one.  Through such execution and plenty of extremely strong chemical contrivances, men are turned into killing animals.

Perhaps writers of anti-Christian fiction read from the book King Solomon wrote in his times of depression:  “I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts (Ecclesiastes 3: 18).” Even thousands of years ago, that king understood that men can be turned into animals!

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