Ukraine, Venezuela, Thailand, etc.: Boss ‘Putin’ Dictator or ‘Freedom’?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:00 AM
February 24, 2014

Venezuela-protests       Ukraine seems peaceful for now, but will Russia return?  Protestors stomp streets in Venezuela because of increasing food prices. Bangkok lays in shambles, some saying it is near unmitigated chaos.  But why such continuous discontent?

Robert D. Kaplan––author of ‘Asia’s Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific,’ and ‘The Revenge of Geography: What the Map Tells Us about Coming Conflicts and the Battle Against Fate’––says he has some answers.

In ‘Why So Much Anarchy?’ for ‘Global Affairs,’ Kaplan fiddles with such causes as: 1) Resource depletion, such as water; 2) Ethnic and sectarian divides; 3) Irregular forms of war; 4) Erosion of national borders; 5) The End of 19th century Imperialism; and finally  4) The End of Post-Colonial Strongmen. In that last category, he concludes people are discontent without a ruling dictator ‘strongman.’

He points out: “Imperialism provided much of Africa, Asia and Latin America with security and administrative order. The Europeans divided the planet into a grid-work of entities––both artificial and not––and governed. It may not have been fair, and it may not have been altogether civil, but it provided order.”

The Strongmen-Dictators who followed colonialism briefly kept such order, but they soon lost systems of 1389262584-suthep-thaugsuban-heads-the-last-warm-up-march-in-thailand_3638192bureaucratic organization, preferring instead to rule by extreme ‘secret police’ style oppression.  Thus, without protective government systems, or killer dictators, nations such as Thailand and Venezuela fall apart.

Kaplan’s analogies do not entirely fit Russia, however.  Once Communism destroyed Russia’s monarchy, it too survived by ‘secret police’ oppression but maintained strong veneers of rule with control over every citizen. However, the collapse of the Soviet Union made even those old convoluted systems unworkable.

By the time of ex-KGB man Putin’s rule, only fear and oppression remain. He does not have the vast wealth of other nations in that Union to prop-up illusions of a viable economy, or workable social and educational systems, so he scrambles to maintain rule over others without strong sticks of fear or wealth of carrots. He needs Ukraine because of its farming production, but Ukraine doesn’t need Putin.

In that regard, Ukraine seems to fly in the face of Kaplan’s logic. President Yanukovych thought he followed Putin’s instruction when he attempted to restore order by killing a hundred. But Putin wanted thousands killed until the rebels surrendered. Leaders of the modern world push against such old fashioned tactics.

Ask China. This is why that giant of a nation cannot contain tiny North Korea. China is attempting to wear the facade of a modern industrialized society.  While––as the United Nations recently revealed––North Korea still controls its own people with unspeakable terror, torture, starvation and death.

The question is:  Will Russia allow Ukraine to grow and prosper as other post-Soviet bloc nations, such as Poland, Romania, et al, now do, or will it attempt to bring struggling Ukrainians back into abject poverty, ‘aka’ modern slavery?

Anti-Christian nonfiction instructs that to succeed Communism had to eradicate Christianity in Russia.  While Putin pretends ties with the few remaining Russian Orthodox Churches, they hold up one another to survive. More authentic Christianity in the Ukraine is a much stronger force for survival.  Or as Apostle Paul tells Timothy, one must “Fight the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6: 12).”

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