Sign of End Times: Egypt’s New Repression Sentences 529 to Death

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
April 4, 2014

Egypts-demonstrationsApparently Egypt’s embraces of extremism on all sides render the country’s problems unsolvable: One side of the population, with the military’s help, pushed out President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood; and now his followers retaliate by rebelling against the take-over military’s repressive rule.

That repression came to light recently when––after only two court sessions and without defense testimony––a judge sentenced 529 defendants to death, because a police officer was killed during a demonstration against Morsi’s ouster.

As Juan Cole writes in ‘Egypt Shocks the World With Plan for Mass Execution of Over 500 Muslim Brothers,’  “Only 147 of the suspects are actually in custody. The rest were sentenced in absentia.”

David D. Kirkpatrick’s extended article, ‘Hundreds of Egyptians Sentenced to Death in Killing of a Police Officer,’ exposits everyone expected a wholesale riot in reaction to the verdict, but: “After nine months of escalating repression that culminated in the extraordinary verdict, the military-led government . . .

“ . . .appears to have finally cowed his supporters into near-silence here in Minya, perhaps their greatest stronghold. The city was the heart of a fierce Islamist insurgency [of Morsi supporters] just two decades ago, and threatened to rise up again, against the new government.”

Kirkpatrick claims Egyptian lawyers call this the “harshest mass conviction in modern Egyptian history,” because it sets legal procedures and history aside.  Most Egyptians are afraid to speak out, regardless of their political leanings.

In Cairo, 20 journalists––including four foreigners and nine workers for AlJazeera News Service––are charged with supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.  This and other legal actions indicate that Egypt’s judiciary––once known as the country’s most liberal body––is totally on the side of the repressive government.

Moreover, several student demonstrators were sentenced to 17 years in prison.  In Minya, 600 more defendants brotherhood-courtroomawait their verdict.  Mohamed Badie, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, is one of those 600.

Explaining the severity of the 529 convictions, Cole adds:  “Among Middle Eastern countries, the most execution happy is Iran, with over 300 a year.  With just one trial, Egypt has made itself more Draconian than Iran.”

Showing that Egypt has stepped into a darker side of evil, Kawther Salam of Europe & Middle East News insists: ‘Egyptian Security Forces Invent Bogus Terrorist Cells to Serve Their Political Agenda:’

“Arab Organization for Human Rights received a number of complaints from the families of students forcefully disappeared by security forces. Shortly after their disappearance, their families were shocked to see them on state-owned and pro-coup television channels confessing to crimes that could carry the death sentence. The families later learned, through their lawyers, that the detainees had been brutally tortured to extract these confessions.”

The social construction of reality in God’s Word identifies Egypt with the darkest of Satanic evil.  In Revelation when The LORD’s two witnesses holding off Satan’s destruction in the last days are finally murdered:  “And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also Our Lord was crucified (11: 8).” When they rule Jerusalem in the final holocaust, these two Gentile nations will exhibit the worse Satanic evil imaginable.

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