Re-‘Hitlertizied’ Genetic Engineering & Destruction of Human Identity

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 11:57 AM
April 11, 2014

humanembryo-300x225    Even in a world gone mad, one would think that Hitler’s failed attempts at genetic engineering would not be retained––much less lauded––nearly a century later.  But in continuous attempts to further separate man from godly principles, ‘mad’ science proves such optimistic thinking anachronistically wrong.

Those who believe that reproductive methods millenniums old should not be tampered with––as God intends men to follow methods making human beings in His image and likeness––are seen as old-fashioned ‘Scientific Regressives.’

Post-modern man now invents new ways to contaminate age-old processes of love, marriage and sexual reproduction. Setting aside such notions as surrogacy, or a third sex identity (as expounded in Australia and Germany), some scientists insist that people should be ‘genetically engineered’ like vegetables or fruits.

Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was taken aback a few weeks ago to find out that GMO (Genetically Modified) human beings “have already been created via ‘in vitro’ experiments,” according to

“Specifically, the FDA is discussing the genetic manipulation of human eggs and embryos in order to prevent three-parent-family-300inherited mitochondrial disease and treat infertility. The GMO techniques under consideration include manipulation at the mitochondrial level to replace or augment mutant rDNA and methods that could create babies with three parents.”  Please see opening statement––world gone mad!

Yet this distinguished group of government overseers were not so shocked to  avoid admitting that 44 other countries have already banned this kind of genetic manipulation.  These professionals only want to ‘set guidelines’ for human clinical trials that might take place, so that ‘experimenters’ can determine “potential risks” for children born from such experiments. Wasn’t the whole point to avoid risks?

“For now,” proclaims: “The desired genetic outcomes discussed will be limited to the prevention of inherited mitochondrial diseases (e.g., LHON) or infertility due to abnormalities in the quality and quantity of mitochondria in female eggs.” Do they think people are that stupid?  Errant genetic scientists have conducted such experiments long before FDA decided to ‘approve’ them.

Even Darwinist Wesley J. Smith joins Biblical ‘Regressives’ in opposing human genetic engineering: “Neo eugenicists and would-be genetic engineers often claim that those of us who oppose their intention to engage in biological alchemy do so for strictly religious reasons. Not me.

“I oppose eugenics in all its forms because it violates the fundamentals of human exceptionalism by assuming that some people can be better than other people based on heightened capacities. The new eugenics merely deploys a kinder, gentler lexicon for the same inherently invidious distinctions described in the vile distinctions that used to be made between the so-called ‘fit’ and ‘unfit’.”

These far-gone experiments speak nothing but continuation of Hitlerian Darwinism’s creation of the ‘demigod’s perfect man’––the mad world’s new Frankenstein.  As Aldous Huxley predicted in his anti-Christian fiction, ‘Brave New World,’ this genetic perfection may only produce a race of soul-less individuals who will bring societies nothing but murderously destructive dystopia––the same as Hitler brought to Germany by the end of WW2.

This blogger often repeats John’s prayer at the end of his Revelation:  “Even so, come [quickly] LORD Jesus (22:20).”  But now, we don’t have to urge His soon return.  In a world filled with more of these ridiculously looney ‘experiments,’ God will indeed send His Son back much sooner than He may have intended.

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