The Plumed Serpent is a Shocking Rendition of Aztec Religion

posted by WiseBooks @ 11:31 AM
June 29, 2016

the plumed serpentThis summer, I have been trying to read some anti-Christian fiction just so that I can get some idea of the belief systems of those living in very different situations from me. It is startling and interesting to get a look into different types of belief systems as a whole. Even though I find this type of literature somewhat concerning, I feel that it is good to be aware of it.

Most recently, I ended up reading The Plumed Serpent which is a book about an Aztec religious cult that is trying to bring back the old religion beliefs. Overall it is interesting just because of the way that it explores other culture so thoroughly. It was definitely worrying to find the different information written into the fictional story that occurs.

I really feel that reading books like this helps me to see the world from multiple angles. Even if I don’t agree with all types of belief systems, I am able to see why people believe what they do and how this has changed them and effected them over time. This book especially took me into the exploration of a very strange world of differing belief on the whole.

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