Reading Books Like Anti-Christian Nonfiction To Figure Out My Beliefs

posted by WiseBooks @ 13:53 PM
November 9, 2016

1-booksBooks are a great way to get some perspective on life and to figure out where you stand as far as what you believe in. I have been thinking a lot about my own beliefs and values lately, and have been struggling with whether or not I believe that God exists. My brother is a devoted Christian and my parents have been coming to Christianity.

I have been exploring Christianity just like my family and I want to get a good view of both sides of faith and atheism. For a lot of my life I have been agnostic, neither believing in God nor knowing that there is no God. Being an agnostic is not really what I want to always be, so I have been trying to get some perspective from believers and unbelievers alike on religion.

It is interesting to read both Christian books and atheist books and to see what side I agree with more. I have been getting into anti-Christian nonfiction lately and reading people’s views on the different religions and spiritual beliefs of the world. From books about the Mayan prophecy to books about pagan practices, there are a lot of interesting reads that are helping me to evaluate my own beliefs and figure out how to live my life.

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