2012 and The Final War Between Aliens, Angels, People and God, Pt. 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:48 PM
April 19, 2012

     One must understand that the Bible is not primarily a historical book.   It is foremost a book prophecy that demands faith from its readers.  Even the history and poetry within its texts speak of historical times that simultaneously foretell future events.  In many ways, God’s dealings with Israel in the Old Testament, also predicts what will happen to nations around Israel.

The Bible is also a spiritual book.  It speaks, in conjunction with God’s Holy Spirit, to those who are in Christ Jesus, and who are willing to ‘hear’ its message.  God does not force anyone to believe His Word. Nevertheless its messages are true, and they will come to pass, whether people choose to believe them or not.

In both The Old and New Testaments, culminating in the Book of Revelation, The Bible is God’s Word to mankind foretelling a final battle between those who rebel against God and those who choose to belief in and follow Him.

This battle began in Genesis 1: 1 – 2 when God kicked the devil and his angels out of heaven over their rebellion along with the people living on earth at that time who followed them.  In verse one, we see that everything God made on earth was perfect.  But in verse two it had turned to chaos.

In chapter 14, the prophet Isaiah explains that Satan’s rebellion began because of his pride, and his jealously over the prominent position that God’s Son held.  Satan insists “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God:”   Instead, God answers:  “Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.”  And from that point on the battle has been on.

Several indicators––both within and without the Judeo-Christian world––say that the final battle will begin in or near the year 2012.  The Jerusalem Post says:  “With Iran continuing what appears to be an unstoppable race towards obtaining nuclear weapons, 2012 appears to be turning into the year which might be the last chance to stop the Ayatollahs from obtaining the bomb.  Hezbollah, Israel believes, has obtained 50,000 rockets and missiles of various sizes and ranges that encompass the entire State of Israel and could be fired in a future war.”

Bible books on antiChrist, such as Revelation, point out that, in the middle of his seven year rule, Satan’s fully evil representative on earth will destroy the Catholic church.

As Extinction Protocol 2012 says: “According to some, St. Malachy is said to have prophesied every pope down to the end of time. According to the accepted interpretation of the famed prophecy––there is to be only one more pope after Benedict then time will end and Rome will be destroyed by a terrible fire.  Benedict’s declining health has ignited new fears that the prophecy of Malachy may be on the cusp of fulfillment.”  More on these issues in the next blog.

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