Creeping Nazism ‘Quietly’ Seizing Power All Over Europe

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 15:59 PM
May 18, 2012

 Leaders of European nations don’t want to see patterns, but journalists do:  Neo-Nazism is creeping to the fore all over the Continent.  This relatively quiet, but powerful force, has killed and wounded scores of victims.  National leaders express worry, and Jewish groups ask that Neo-Nazi groups be officially banned.
 Of course, the best known Neo-Nazi case is that of Anders Behring Breivik accused of the orchestrated killing of some 85 of his fellow citizens in Norway recently.  Officials insist Breivik was a lone gunman at the two separate sites of the massacre, but eye-witnesses claim to have seen others shooting along with him.

 Breivik openly admits that he is affiliated with a large underground Neo-Nazi organization dedicated to ridding Europe of all non-white minorities.  Breivik published a 1,500 page ‘manifesto’ titled: “2083: A European Declaration of Independence,” which BBC News claims is patterned after the ‘Unabomber,’ Ted Kaczynski.  Unwilling to cede Nazism, prosecutors look for an insanity verdict.

 While it is not as well known as the case in Norway, in Sweden, Peter Mangs is charged with killing three people and the attempted murder of 12 others.  Generally, Mangs limited his attacks to immigrants.
 According to Christina Anderson’s report in the New York Times this week, “A Murder Trial in Sweden, With Echoes of  Norway,” Mangs is charged with two killings in 2003, four in October 2009, and seven shootings in 2010.  Prosecutors claim Mangs often expresses hatred of immigrants and Jews.

 In recent elections, Greek voters even gave 21 seats in Parliament to the Neo-fascist party, Golden Dawn. Neni Panourgia’s article in ‘Al Jazerra’ says: “Greece’s Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Is A European Problem:”

 “The official publication of Golden Dawn runs articles praising the Nazis and often places photographs of Hitler, Himmler, and Nazi gatherings on its front cover. The members of the organization have the same uneducated, invented, and highly idiosyncratic understanding of ancient Greece as the Nazis did.

 “And their tactics are virtually indistinguishable from Nazi terrorist tactics: they terrorize immigrants, leftists, and journalists; they beat and maul teachers and students; they have infiltrated athletic clubs and have introduced hooliganism . . . and they have assumed the role of vigilantes and protectors of the general public.”

 These new jack-boots have even raised their fists in Germany where officials are trying to ban the Neo-Nazi cell, National Democratic Party, or NPD.  Three members of the group are charged with killing eight Turkish and one Greek immigrants, along with a German policewoman.

 This is such a recurring nightmare, so much like those antichrist fictional books pre 1990.  Nazism is the anti-Christ’s primary tool.  Wise believers must be ready: World War III and that fiend’s rule over Europe is coming quickly!

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