Biometrics: Means of AntiChrist Inclusion and Exclusion, Part 1

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 16:18 PM
January 23, 2012

 A dangerous sign of this post- modern, advance-technology controlling age, biometrics has become a means of excluding individuals who refuse to participate in its systems.  But those who do accept biometric markings, who take the bait of its benefits, in very robotic ways, become one in the “accepted” crowd.
 Biometric systems for controlling populations is a growing world-wide phenomenon.  It began with what many viewed as the government’s invasion of individual liberties with such things as social security numbers.  This numbering system was greatly resisted in the United States when first introduced in 1935.   Just as in a prison system, one is identified by numbers, not by one’s name, heritage, accomplishments or personality.

 Biometric science is variously defined as a process to detect a person’s physical and other traits to be detected and recorded using electronic devices to confirm identity.  In India, the government is starting its biometric system among the lowest on the economic ladder.  That government will begin by telling the first half million indigent persons, living on the lowest economic “caste” scale, that they can no longer use cash money, that the only way they can get food or social services is to accept the biometric system’s “mark.”
 Once individual identities are established, they will be kept in massive data bases.  Obviously, people who refuse to allow themselves to be so marked will be shut off from life’s necessities.  Eventually middle and upper classes will not have banking and other business access without proper cards and identity numbers.

 Most victims will have no idea of the harm they are putting themselves into.  But, once the cashless system starts in that society, people will have to depend upon unseen controlling forces for meager food and existence. India’s government says the new program is an effort to cut down on fraud.  But Prison insists that the fraud and corruption begins in with India’s governing officials.

 When the dearth of food moves into the middle class in Indian society, this cashless system will move up the economic ladder.  Prison reported: “major banks, state/local governments, and other institutions are planning to use” the new system in India to identify those eligible for financial and other access.

 Actually the same type of system operates in the United States.  Persons using food stamps no longer receive cash to purchase food; they get food stamp cards.  To get discounts at major grocery store chains, one must have an electronic card containing personal information, and banks operate in similar manners.
 Books on antichrist have been warning for years that these systems indicate satanic control.  More on various types of biometrics and their uses for inclusion and exclusion in Part 2 of this subject.  Understand that Satan wants everyone to receive his mark which always begins with his number  (Revelation 13: 16-18).

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