Combat 18: One of Many Neo-Nazi Groups Reaching World-Wide

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:34 AM
September 11, 2012

    One of the most violent neo-Nazi groups in Europe, and extending around the world, is Combat 18.  Founded in 1992 by Charlie Sargent, recently released from a long jail sentence for abetting in the murder of a fellow-combat member.

At first a group of young thugs acting as security for the right-wing British National Party, Combat 18, now reject electoral politics as a way for neo-Nazis to take over nations in the 21st century.

The group’s name is derived from Adolph Hitler’s initials, AH, the first and eighth letters of the alphabet.  Their logo, ‘Totenkopf,’ known as the dead-head (dead man’s) skull and bones imagery, is from Hitler’s 3rd SS Panzer Division. defines Combat 18 as: “A somewhat less prestigious, more violence-focused British equivalent to the ku klux klan. Combat 18 (or C18) is a British neo-Nazi terrorist organization formed in 1992 after meetings between British National Party and football hooligans such as the “Chelsea Headhunters,” by the fascist group Blood & Honour.”

Various people voice the opinion that Combat 18 is actually the brain-child of the British Secret Service.  In ‘Turning Up the Heat:  MI5 After The Cold War,” Larry O’Hare posits that this British Secret Service Agency wanted as many rebel groups as possible to be under one umbrella so they could be better monitored.

In fact, accusations that he was indeed a plant for Scotland Yard, is what led the confrontation between Sargent, Chris Castle, Wilf Browning, and Martin Cross in which Cross killed Castle with a nine-inch knife.  Cross is imprisoned for life.

Considering Combat 18’s high level of violence––including murderous attacks against Muslims, Gypsies, Jews, and other non-white minorities––it is disturbing that it has moved beyond a few European cities.  The extent of their outreach includes:  the U.S., Russia, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Mexico, Portugal, etc.

The Anti-Defamation League says that at a minimum, Combat 18 has chapters in Illinois, Florida and Texas.  Under the internet address:, the Florida group calls itself ‘Supreme White Alliance Florida.’

Moreover, Combat 18 is closely allied with the Blood & Honor neo-Nazi groups, as well as Hammerheads, Volksfront, Southern Cross, White Devils, British Nationalist Party, White Wolves, Celtic Wolves,White Eagle neo-Nazis in Serbia, Ku Klux Klan, [Chelsea] Headhunters [aka the Blues Brothers], National Front, Northern Irish Loyalist, Ulster Defense Association, Black Skinheads, Taking Care of Business in Texas, etc.

Combat 18 is just one of many neo-Nazi organizations established throughout at least the Western world.  Moreover, these groups are loosely woven together through networks that could easily carryout simultaneous mayhem if ordered to do so.  Continuous attacks from similarily organized thugs is what brought Hitler to power in Germany and Mussolini in Italy.  Any plot in anti-Christian fiction easily weaves such a likelihood.

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