Halloween! Hitler’s High Witchcraft Feast Day!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:23 AM
October 18, 2012

    Halloween is a pagan festival.  It has nothing to do with Christianity, although in the 12th century––in an attempt to turn people away from pagan worship, October 31st was ‘Christianized’ as the night before ‘All Saints Day.’

This holiday (or ‘holy’ day) is tied to nature, and limited to the times and seasons.  jawarts.com writes:  “It all began centuries ago, with the ancient Celts [who] were an agrarian society . . . inextricably linked to the cycles of nature.

“Their gods were gods of nature and the cycles of the seasons.  At the end of what in the Gregorian calendar is now October, the ancient Celts celebrated a ritual called Samhain.” It was the night when the lines between the living and the dead could be breached. Thus, images of ghosts and spirits indicate the dead returning to earth to communicate with the living.

In ‘Halloween:  A History’ for the site, iskullhalloween.com, C. Lesley Bannatyne explains: “Halloween was once imagined as a rift in reality where time slipped by without the traveler knowing he’d gone missing.  As a night to return home, dead or alive.”  Note the inference that celebrants could return home dead !
This theme of death continues: “There was fear, yes, but it was fear of loss—of children and family, of land, crops, and place. This night wasn’t about violence, but rather about the unquiet of guilt, anticipation of the unknown, of facing the consequences of meddling with things you couldn’t—or shouldn’t—control.

“These Halloweens meant something; they held a place in the year for magic, for mourning, for first love, for fear. Then, and even now on Halloween, the other world seems always and uniquely present.’  Note: fear, magic and mourning!

Irene Parks, author of ‘The Witch That Switched,’ explains that Halloween is the highest witchcraft celebration of the year.  True witches, warlocks and other occult worshippers meet in far-off woods to hold doping rituals, sex orgies, and to perform human and animal sacrifices.  At such a high feast day, occult worshipers claim the dead visits them, and that Satan himself visits the celebrations.

jawarts.com agrees:  “Through the intervening centuries, this night of celebration transformed from being a festival of departed Celtic souls to becoming associated with black magic, the devil, witches and their other evil cohorts.”

That site further points out that the ‘Golden Age’ of Halloween was between 1920 and 1945.  Those were the years of Hitler’s rise to power, and during those years, Halloween was primarily an adult holiday.  jawarts.com adds: “During the period between the two World Wars, Germany produced much of the Halloween material that is coveted” by custom collectors today.

An ‘adult holiday’––when death, paganism and evil was worshiped––at its zenith during Hitler’s assaults of World War II, only indicates Nazi preferences for this hidden world of deviance, deepest evil, murder and death.  As told in anti-Christian fiction, neo-Nazi followers today know Halloween is not imagined.

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