Hitler’s Hidden Relationship with Islam: Women and World War III, Part 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:15 AM
November 20, 2012

    In addition to their reliance on armies inspired by errant murderous religion, and their mutual hatred of Jews, Nazis and Moslems reduce the status of women as simply baby-makers and domestic house-keepers.

Before and after World War II, the status of women in Muslim countries has not evolved into the modern era.  In most Muslim countries, women are shrouded, both in dress and voice, and are denied legitimate education.  They are merely objects in sexual acts to the point of being held responsible when they are raped.

Some scholars posit that women are hated in various Muslim societies where their existence is tolerated as only necessary for reproduction.  Other studies reveals this was the same mindset held by Europe’s Nazis. In her book, ‘Fascism: The Bloody Ideology,’ Harun Yahya argues: “There is another little known but exceedingly important aspect of fascism. It has an inimical attitude towards women, and sees them as inferior to men.”  She quotes Mussolini:

“Let me also admit to you that I am not thinking of extending the vote to women. There would be no point. My blood opposes all kinds of feminism when it comes to women participating in state affairs. Naturally a woman shouldn’t be a slave, but if I conceded her the vote, I’d be laughed at. In our state, she must not count.”  Reporter Maurice de Valeffe adds that Mussolini saw women as “thieves who reach out to steal men’s bread, and responsible for men’s unproductiveness (sic).”

Like men in the Muslim world, European Nazis greatly restricted educational opportunities for women.  Yahya points out:  “In Nazi Germany the status of women as ‘second class citizens’ was even more pronounced.  Laws were passed banning women from taking Latin classes in middle school: before having even finished high school, they were prevented from going on to university.”

Laws were also passed removing women from the work force.  In ‘The Role of Women in Nazi Germany,’ suite 101.com says:  “In a more direct way to increase the population, thousands of women were sacked from professional careers like teaching, the law and civil service, and it was made more difficult for women to attend universities. However there was still a proportion of women in low paid and unskilled work despite the incentives to remain at home. . .”

Only after women and girls had produced enough Aryan males for the war effort did Hitler invite women back into the work force.  historyonthenet.com writes in ‘Nazi Germany––Role of Women’: “In 1937 as Germany prepared for war, women were needed to supplement the male workforce and a new law was passed which stipulated that all women should work a ‘Duty Year’ of patriotic work in one of the country’s factories to further the Nazi cause.”

While anti-Christian fiction may laud these attitudes toward women, God’s Word does not.  Genesis 1: 27 insists that female is as much created in the image of God as male:  “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”  Now that’s a powerful image!

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