Muslims & Hitler’s Nazis Share Vehement Hatred of All Jews

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 13:25 PM
November 26, 2012

    Proof that Hitler’s Nazis share roots of occult mysticism with Islamic doctrinal beliefs is evident in their equally visceral hatred of Jews.  While German consideration of Hebrews is easily traced to 17th century Protestant tenants holding Jews responsible for Christ’s death, Muslim hatred reaches back to its founder Mohammed some 1400 years ago.

For more contemporary reasons, Hitler and other Germans held Jews responsible for their loss of World War I. In his German text, ‘November 9: How World War One Led to the Holocaust,’ Joachim Riecker explains:

“Hitler lived in Munich, where Jews played a leading role in the revolution against the monarchy on Nov. 9, 1918. So suddenly the delusion came to his mind, that the Jews where the reason for the ‘inner poisoning’ of Germany and that they had stolen the victory from Germany.”

Thus, according to, “Adolf Hitler’s hatred of Jews stemmed from his belief that they ‘stole’ victory from the country [Germany] in the First World War.”  Moreover, Riecker discounts other scholars who claim that Hitler’s  hatred of Jews was because a Jewish doctor treated her until she died. says in ‘Why did Hitler and the Nazis Hate the Jews?’: “In much of Europe it was assumed that Jews were Communists. In many hardline right wing circles there was talk about a supposed ‘Judeo-Bolshevist conspiracy’. This was highly inflammatory. Despite his ranting against Jewish businessmen Hitler saw the Jews as the ‘biological root’ of Bolshevism.”

Of course, Nazis and Muslims held onto common jealousies about Jewish economic prowess. continues:   “Germany was hit the hardest by the worldwide economic depression, and successful Jews were envied.  Jews became a scapegoat for Germany’s economic problems” between the World Wars.

In ‘Muslims Hate Jews Up To Their Bones!,’ Syed Kamran Mirza writes:  “ . . . this special hatred for Jews is rooted in the Islamic theology and history.  The Muslim hatred of Jews pre-dates the existence of the modern state of Israel by some 1400 years and is based on verses in the Qur’an and in the hadiths.”

That relationship of hate began when seventh century Hebrews rejected Mohammed’s claim to be a prophet.  After he was not able to convert them to Islam, Mohammed began referring to Jews as apes and swine cursed by God because they worshipped ‘Taghut’ or false deities.

The prophet’s anti-Jewish disdain identified Jews as “greediest of mankind for life and (greedier) than the idolaters. (Each) one of them would like to be allowed to live a thousand years. And to live (a thousand years) would by no means remove him from the doom. Allah is Seer of what they do.”

Such centuries-old hatred sheds light on ongoing wars today.  Even anti-Christian fiction cannot immolate such hatred as its basis is evil, and its purpose is to kill as many human beings as possible.  In John 10: 10, The LORD Jesus Christ identified Satan as that first and final source of that evil.

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