Pope Resigns: Malachy’s Prophecy Next Pope Will Be Last! Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 13:37 PM
February 13, 2013

    Malachy’s prophecy seems especially applicable to the 21st Century Catholic Church.  Rocked by alleged association with: Mafia financial ties; proven priest involvement with sexual abuse of children; and even murder cover-ups––the moral fiber of the institution may be irreparably damaged.

As Janet Tavakoli, author of ‘Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits,’ writes in ‘Pope Benedict XVI Resigns From a Church in Crisis,’ “In recent decades, the lack of self-regulation and accountability among key members of the Catholic clergy has become painfully apparent, accelerating the Church’s problems.

“In the United States and Europe, the Catholic Church has lost followers and weekly mass attendance has plummeted. In the U.S, the number of seminarians studying to be priests has dropped by two-thirds from what it was forty years ago, and monetary contributions to the Catholic Church have dwindled.”

Tavakoli highlights the murder of Roberto Calvi, once head of Banco Ambrosiano, which went under in the midst of one of Italy’s largest political scandals.  Wikipedia adds:  “Claims have been made that factors in Calvin’s death were the Vatican Bank, Banco Ambrosiano’s main shareholder; the Mafia, which may have used Banco Ambrosiano for money laundering; and the Propaganda Due or P2 clandestine Masonic Lodge.”

At the time of Calvin’s death, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus had suspected involvement.  However, Pope Benedict and his predecessor, Pope John Paul, shielded Marcinkus, who was Chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, from police interviews concerning bank corruptions and Calvi’s death.
The writer also points out:  “On May 8, 2002, Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston became the first cardinal in the history of the Catholic Church compelled to testify in a sexual abuse case for his role in “overseeing” priests. He was forced to resign as Archbishop of Boston.

Yet, “ . . . the Church hierarchy gave him a cushy landing.  Many U.S. Catholics stood in shocked disbelief when Cardinal Law was chosen to preside over Pope John Paul II’s 2005 requiem mass.”

Strangely, Pope Benedict identified with Pope Celestine V, who also abdicated his position in 1296.  David Perry of CNN points out that the Pope “made his second trip to the earthquake-ravaged town of L’Aquila to venerate the relics of his long-ago predecessor, Pope and St. Celestine V.”  Perry claims that today’s Pope fashioned his letter of resignation on Celestine’s departing statement.

In a notable work of Christian authors historical fiction, the famed Italian poet, Dante, chided Celestine as a coward who simply declined to lead the church.  In ‘The Inferno, Canto II 60,’ Dante’s narrator meets Celestine in the realms of hell and says of Celestine:  “Who made through cowardice the great refusal.”  Surely God’s Son will make final judgment on men claiming to represent Him!

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