Armageddon Near: Middle East Moving Toward International War

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:14 PM
June 4, 2013

Syrian+War3    So you believe that havoc in the Middle East does not mean the end of all things is at hand?  Let’s see.  Syria––home of the soon-to-come anti-Christ––is in a frantically hot civil war.  Russia and Iran supply arms to Syria.

The U.S. and Europe supply ‘non-military’ aid to Syrian rebels.  And Israel just leveled missiles into Damascus, Syria. Iraq is falling apart. Those American lives spent to ‘free’ that nation has paid off––for China––which gets its oil there.

Shall I go on?  Hmmm.  Well Turkey’s cities are in the seventh day of riots.  The head of Saudi Arabia is in a comatose state, and the ethnic identity of his successor is questionable.  And one of many bottom lines is that this is all about Shia against Sunni Muslims.  And other wide Muslim splits.

Dr. Hal Lindsey explains that Israel sent airstrike hits to Syria “to keep missiles and chemical weapons out of the hands of two groups: Hezbollah, who is fighting on the side of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and al-Qaeda, who is leading the fight against him.”  You do know Hezbollah is Israel’s hated neighbor? israel-hezbollah-flags-300x225

In his weekly newsletter, Rev. Lindsey continues that Israel’s strike actually helps Syria because it can unite Israel’s enemies: “How can he [Syria’s President Assad] make that happen? Simple, provoke Israel into entering the war currently being waged in Syria between his government and the opposition rebels.”  Of course, Bible prophecy says Assad must fall, because Satan’s evil ‘messiah’ will eventually take his place, and then all hell literally breaks out.  As Lindsey posits:

“Though the Muslim sects––Sunni, Shia, and Alawite––hate each other, they hate Israel even more. If Israel entered the war, then Assad reckons that most of the Arab and Muslim nations will rally to his side and he can hang on to power.”

Of course some in the U.S. body politic want the U.S. to jump into Syria’s war with both feet.  But which side would our nation be on?  Should we be in league with our multi-decades enemy al-Qaeda?

Is it confusing you.  Well to understand the role that each if these nations will have in this ‘end-of-time’ war, establish one fact in your mind: all of these Middle East nations are identified in God’s Bible inspired writing.

These and other Middle Eastern nations, along with historical alignments in southern Europe (the Greek and Roman Empires––now being revived and revised) and northern Africa (i.e. Egypt) have been Israel’s various enemies since God formed Abraham’s chosen twelve-tribe nation.

Especially check out their unrelenting assaults against Israel (and perhaps against her one true friend, the United States) foretold in the Book of Revelation. And look out for those five horses in chapter six.  These otherworldly spiritual monsters solicit overwhelming wars, famines, pandemic diseases and billions of deaths.  Oops.  Looks like we’re almost to that point now!

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