‘Through It All’––Have A Happy, Healthy Prosperous New Year!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 11:26 AM
December 31, 2013

3d-happy-new-year-wallpaper-photo    Just as oceans ebb and flow, moving far away from shores, and then roaring back with high unstoppable waves, so activities in years recede and return as they go and come.  Thus, 2014 is apt to be quite rocky, after a comparably peaceful year in 2013.  So expect things to rev up both in nature and among nations.

Clearly, it will be an almost impossible task to end the Syrian Civil War, but diplomats in the western world must try.  Few politicians, journalists or blog writers seem to understand that this war will eventually lead to World War III.

Perhaps they suffer from a dearth of knowledge about Bible prophecies, particularly those in the Books of Daniel and Revelation.  Hopefully, knowledgable  Bible scholars contribute to contemporary thinking in realms around the globe.

Those Bible Books point out that in these end times––after The Lord Jesus Christ has removed the Body of Christ (i.e. born-again Christians) from the earth––the most evil anti-Christ will emerge from Syria as Satan’s ultimate representative.

He will also rule over Turkey, Egypt and Greece––the other three nations in Alexander’s Empire, and eventually over those parts of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa that remain in the Revised Roman Empire.

As Bible inspired writing attests in Revelation 16: 12, “ . . . the great river Euphrates” will dry up “that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared,” and China and other Asian nations will march across to join anti-Christ in battle.

This wholly evil tyrant will battle Russia and other resistant nations to quell uprisings.  And he will set up his government’s seat in Iran’s Babylon. Perhaps this is why Israel is so concerned about the U.S. negotiating with Iran to end its sanctions. Genesis 10:8-10 dates Iran and Syria as earth’s oldest rebellious nations.

They both once ruled over Israel.  And ultimately, they wish to wipe that country off the map. Through the ongoing work of God’s Holy Spirit, millions more will accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  After which, they will suffer persecution, and eventually execution. But they will go to heaven in victory.

Live on earth will continue to get harder from present days forward.  Soon world-wide accepted identification will be necessary to buy food, or pay for life’s necessities.  Satan’s other representative, the False Prophet, will talk people into engraving that ‘religious’ identification onto their bodies.  Taking this ‘Mark of the Beast’ will condemn billions to spend eternal life with that Satanic trinity in Hell.
In the 1960s, a familiar hymn rang out through church choirs in the United States.  Verses of the hymn would talk about hard times, broken family life, false friends, etc.  But the chorus always brought this hope: “Through it all, I Have Learned to Trust in Jesus, I Have Learned to Trust in God.”

Christians around the world should keep this refrain in mind as they deal with events in 2014. Whatever may come in family, job, home or political upheaval, build up your faith through it all, trusting in The Lord Jesus and in Your Father God Almighty!  And don’t worry.  All of these things will soon be over!

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