First Romans, Then Nazis, Now Belgium & Netherlands––Baby Killers

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:49 PM
February 17, 2014

child_euthanasia    More proof that the Nazi spirit is alive in the European Union comes in the recent spate of ‘legal’ child euthanasia in Belgium and the Netherlands. True to form for today’s alliances, that spirit goes back to the ancient Roman Empire.

This week Belgian second house of parliament is “set to decide on legalizing active medically assisted suicide for children. The planned expansion of the euthanasia law for adults has been hotly debated for months,” says Bernd Riegert.

“Why wouldn’t you give children, who are incurably sick and who are unbearably suffering the same possibilities adults have?” asked Dr. Jan Bernheim of Riegert, reporting for Want more insanity?  Riegert says:

“Bernheim wants to give terminally ill children in Belgium the option to voluntarily end their own life. According to the cancer researcher, children are surprisingly grown up and can think clearly when they are seriously ill.”

Bernheim says further, “They are in fact psychologically much older and more mature than their calendar age would suggest. That’s why the majority of Belgian pediatricians want to meet the children’s desire to die in these cases.”

Further DW writes:  “. . leading pediatricians wrote an open letter [published in two newspapers] demanding an expansion of the practice of euthanasia to sick children. . . . an alliance of religious groups vehemently disagreed. . . Catholic, Protestant, Christian Orthodox, and Muslim religious groups published a common declaration stating that euthanizing minors is morally and ethically reprehensible.”

As for the Dutch, Wesley J. Smith of asks: ‘Is the Dutch Gronningen Infanticide Protocol Akin to The Nazi Doctors?’: “. . . whether the Dutch infanticide that has flowed. . . from the country’s . . . permissiveness, can be compared to the infanticide of infants during the Holocaust.”

Smith justifies the Dutch because:  “The German program was not driven by Nazis but by doctors––as in the Netherlands––who called infanticide a ‘healing treatment,’ thought to be best for the baby, the family, and the Reich. In the Netherlands, infanticide is deemed a compassionate act done for the baby.”

Responding to Smith’s timid coverage of the deaths, wagglebee argues:  “. . . life deemed so compromised that it justifies killing, we see disturbing echoes from history that should give us all great pause.  The proof is in the fact that the culture of death is becoming bolder in their insistence that the most vulnerable be killed.”

In a ground-breaking film, ‘A Perfectly Normal Doctor,’ Andreas Nowak details the insanity of Heinrich Gross, nazi-doctors-bookNazi Doctor and psychologist, who was in charge of killing at least 800 children in an Austrian hospital.

Proving that infant killing reaches back to ancient history, Stephanie Pappas of LiveScience writes: “A new look at a cache of baby bones discovered in Britain is altering assumptions about why ancient Romans committed infanticide. Infant girls were apparently not killed more often than baby boys.”

In Bible inspired writing, Old Testament prophets greatly lamented such murders of babies:  “His children are far from safety, and they are crushed in the gate, neither is there any to deliver them (Job 5: 4).” The ‘gate’ was the seat of governmental power. God has no mercy for such governments on Judgment Day.

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