History, Oil, and Absence: What’s Really Behind Iraq’s Defeats

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
June 17, 2014

European-Controlled-TerritoriesSome knowledge of history and economics is necessary to understand what is happening in Iraqi today. First, European nations––particularly France and Britain––without regard to tribal, cultural, and religious identifies of groups, divided and formed those areas seen as nations today.

‘Modern Period: The Rise of Colonial Interests in the Middle East’ by ocw.nd.edu/arabic-and-middle-east-studies explains: “The notorious Sykes-Picot Treaty which was concluded between Britain and France in 1916 . . . designated France the protector of Arab Syria and Kurdish Mosul province, while Britain was designated the protector of Baghdad and Basra provinces.”

Before that time, Muslims did not see themselves as citizens in nations. ocw.nd continues: “Before the period of colonialism, there was no concept of a territorial state in the Muslim world. Muslims were conscious of ethnic, linguistic, and regional differences among themselves, but they saw themselves as politically united first under the Iraq-soldierscaliphate and then the later empires and sultanates.

“In a number of cases, some of these nation-states were created in an ad hoc and arbitrary manner to serve the interests of the colonizers: For example, British interests in Persian Gulf oil led to the creation of Kuwait.”

Second, up until this century, oil interests played decisive roles on who should rule these countries. Cambridge Archive Editions says gives background: “Between 1913 and 1923 the Rulers of the various sheikhdoms and states under signed undertakings not to grant oil concessions except to companies appointed by the British Government: the Ruler of Kuwait´s signature was obtained in 1913; the Ruler of Bahrain´s in 1914; the Ruler of Qatar´s in 1916; the Rulers of the Trucial Coast states´ in 1922 and the Sultan of Muscat and Oman´s in 1923.”

However, today such oil oversight is no longer necessary. For instance, as Forbes magazine points out, the United States is close to producing enough oil for itself that will last the rest of this century.  Also if the U.S. did need oil, it can purchase some from Canada or Venezuela––both of which have huge oil reserves.
Third, several things remain absent in current discussions about Iraq’s problems:  1) Part of what is happening in Iraq today results from the Arab Spring movement in recent years. These people want to rule themselves, whether they are divided by religion or any other way.  And the West cannot do it for them.

Where are France and Britain, and the rest of Western Europe, in these discussions? Why do all these nations––including Iraq which refused our help at the end of the war––expect the United States to be the ones to bail them out?

If these were the end of salient issues, logical discussions could ensue. But it is not the end, because ISIS and other Al Qaeda networks ultimately want to rule all the Arab states, Western Europe and the United States as well. These militant moves in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Africa are simply small steps towards WWIII.

What’s to be done then?  Christians must watch and pray. As Bible inspired writing insists:  “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man (Luke 21: 36).”

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