How World Wars Start: Russia’s Ukraine ‘Game’ Kills 298 Innocents

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 12:01 PM
July 18, 2014

Malaysia-Flight-17-shot-down    War begets war.  This is what happens when careless politicians hell-bent on smoldering a minor skirmish turn over advanced sophisticated military equipment to unprofessional, untrained gang-like rebels. Thus, yesterday, rebels or Russians, in ‘East Ukraine’ shot down Malaysia Flight 17 blasting 298 people out of the sky.

At least 100 of the passengers––dedicated to saving lives, not ending them–– were on their way to an AIDS conference in Australia. The Los Angeles Times lists nationalities of passengers as:  Netherlands, 154; Malaysia, 43 (including 15 crew members and two infants); Australia, 27; Indonesia, 12 (including one infant).

Michael B. Kelley of Reuters News Service writes: “An adviser to the Ukraine Interior Minister said pro-Russia separatists shot down the passenger plane with a Russian-made Buk ground-to-air missile system. And residents in the area—a stronghold of pro-Russian rebels who are fighting the Ukrainian army—said one of those systems was nearby.”

The Kyiv Post translated a transcript between two pro-Russian militants in what they claim is their self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’:  “It’s 100% a passenger aircraft, . . . Absolutely nothing. Civilian items, medicinal stuff, towels, toilet paper. . . It fell in the area of Grabovo, there is a sea of corpses of women and children. Now the Cossacks are looking at all this. . .

“They’re broadcasting on TV that this is apparently an AN-26, a Ukrainian, a transport plane, but “Malaysian map-Malaysia-Airlines-crashAirlines” is written on it. What was it doing on the territory of Ukraine? . . . That means they were bringing in spies, I don’t know. You see. . . What the *** were they flying in here for, there’s a war on.”

No.  This wasn’t a war. It was a few scatter-brained immature miscreants insisting on following rules of their own, rather than obeying Ukraine’s leaders––with help and advanced missiles from Russia––who now make it a major war!

As Brett LoGiurato of Business Insider writes:  “Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer said the incident has the potential to significantly destabilize the situation. . . More countries could get involved . . . There could be a new push by the Ukrainian government to get military support from the U.S., which has so far resisted, as well as more nonmilitary aid from the European Union.”

Does everyone know that World War I started because one man, demanding that his country be freed from Australia, killed another:  “Gavrilo Princip, an ethnic Serb and Yugoslav nationalist, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria”? As Wikipedia writes:  “The assassination led directly to the First World War.”

Moreover, does everyone know that Hitler started WW2 because he was angry that Germany lost WW1? So ultimately Princip started two world wars. And, most important, Russia was heavily involved in the precipitation of both wars.

Now rebels in East Ukraine, inspired by Russia, may have started WW3. And this time, the war will not be among nations only, but among non-attached rebel groups who feel no obligation to follow international rules of war––such as ISIS in Syria-Iraq, or Boko Haram in Nigeria, or criminal gangs in Latin America!

This is why Christians must pray from Bible inspired writing in two ways:  1) LORD please give us one more revival, one more massive outpouring of Your Holy Spirit, Who Alone can quell these flames of war (Hosea 6: 2); 2) “He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus (Revelation 22:20),” and take Your children out of this world-wide mess!

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