“We Are in Hell:” Creeping Nazism ‘Quietly’ Seizing Power, Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 15:52 PM
May 15, 2012

   Leaders of European nations try to focus voters on illegal migrants as the cause for unemployment and economic depression. Then to show that they are fixing the problem, they build more and more prisons for the migrants.  Even Greece, which can least afford it, is erecting massive determent camps.

Because authentic journalists are suspicious of the secrecy of these prisons, and the human rights violations that may be involved, they have worked for months to get into those prisons, where most detainees have only asked for asylum.

Although officials promised them entry and transparency, Reporters Without Borders and their affiliates were only able to get into only 14 migrant workers camps in seven countries.  But prisoners in the Arad Camp in Romania were able to get this message to Migreurop Broadcasting:  “We are in hell.”

Those in charge of entry to the camps either ignored requests, stalled, or limited tours to empty camps.  Usually only members of parliamentary associations, not journalists, were allowed entry to the 14 camps in Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, France, Italy, Mauritania, Serbia and Romania.
In some cases, authorities blithely claim that they have already inspected these prisons, and that “there are already sufficient internal and external organs of control, contributing to a humanization of the centers.”

But detainees in the Arad camp cry out, “We need help, we are more than fifty detainees.  We are asylum seekers and they put us in detention.  Some have been here for a month, others for 7, 8, 9 months. We are a group of men and one pregnant woman.  We are badly treated, worse than animals. 

“The detention guards are beating us up, badly. This happens often.  For example, . . .  some policemen wanted to spray tear gas on one detainee, we don’t even know why. They brought him to the isolation cell, downstairs, to beat him up. We heard him shout from our cells.

“We are detained 24h/7.  We can only leave our cells and walk in the corridor one to two hours a day.  We are denied access to outside walks, to the TV . . . We have no access to a doctor. If one of us falls sick, we are helpless.

“Detention in Romania can last 18 months. 18 months like that is unbearable ! What we are going through cannot be imagined. We could not make someone believe we are in Europe. 18 months in a cage!”

Now this really is the social construction of reality that Hitler would have wanted:  a police-state hidden from view poised to keep those of ‘wrong’ ethnic identities away from news media, ‘proper’ society, and open legal systems.  No human being knows these prisoners’ names, or whether they are alive or dead.  As Job 24: 1 says:  “Why, seeing times are not hidden from The Almighty, do they that know Him not see?” Yes, Europe should be aware!  God knows!

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