Others See: Europe Flirting with Fascism––Again!!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:34 PM
July 25, 2012

        It is good to know that this blog is not the only news and commentary source to recognize that neo-Nazism is on the rise throughout all of Europe.  Several journalists and recognized Jewish leaders now urgently warn the world about that rise.

Benjamin Abtan, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Elie Wiesel, Amélie Nothomb and others wrote ‘Open Letter:  We Are All Greek Jews,’ after the neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn, was voted into Greek’s parliament, in which they noted trends:

“Unfortunately, Greece is not the only country threatened by this revival of Nazi ideology. In Latvia this year, the president of the republic has for the first time supported the annual former Waffen SS march, in spite of strong criticism.

“In Austria the FPÖ, an extreme right organization that nurtures Third Reich nostalgia, is favorite in the polls for the next parliamentary elections. In Hungary, the Hungarian Guard Movement, descendant of The Arrow Cross party–– the former militia responsible for the extermination of Jews and Gypsies–– terrorizes Jewish populations and holds direct responsibility for provoking deadly attacks against Roma people.”

The authors explain that Europe’s move to the extreme right comes because of ‘the dogma of austerity,’ and the push against influxes of immigrants.  Instead they urge Europe to recommit to democracy, social progress and equality.

In an outstanding article on nationalpost.com, “Flirting with Fascism, Why Europe Can’t Shake Its Weakness for Nazism,” Peter Goodspeed writes: “Like vermin in a time of pestilence, neo-Nazi groups appear to be enjoying a resurgence in a Europe plagued by increasing financial chaos and uncertainty.”

He summarized that neo-Nazis want to: turn the clock back, end the European Union, drop out of NATO, establish ethnic ‘purity,’ and turn away from ‘the global economic order.’  Like this blogger, he insists:

“Neo-Nazis pop up everywhere, from anti-Roma attacks in the Czech Republic to violence at gay pride parades in Sweden; from punk bands with names like Angry Aryans or the SS Boot boys to soccer thugs who revel in Nazi regalia. . . . swastikas, jackboots, stiff-armed salutes, racial violence, and genocidal threats made against Jews, blacks, Muslims and gays.”

It is beyond tragic that European leaders refuse to even acknowledge, discuss or deal with the rising neo-Nazi trend, thus leading many to conclude there is much hidden support for neo-Nazis inside European political and law enforcement circles.

As the letter from Jewish leaders reminds, Europe must remember that its present is “built on the ruins of Nazism,” not on its success. Usually, to return to such failure simply repeats it.  As Bible historical books advise:  “He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy (Proverbs 29: 1).

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