Nazi War Criminals Leave Legacy for Spain’s Neo-Nazis Youth

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 1:58 AM
August 2, 2012

No report on Nazis and neo-Nazis in Europe would be complete without mention of Spain.  For decades Spain has been a haven for war criminals high up the ranks in Hitler’s army.  And now, they have groomed the next generation of neo-Nazis for the coming wars in Europe.

According to Renwick McLean of the New York Times, Spain has invited Nazi war criminals to live there since the end of World War II in 1945.  “Many were drawn here by the protection offered by [dictator]. . . Francisco Franco.”

“Even after Franco died in 1975 and democracy was established, Spain’s elected governments did little to cooperate with international searches for war criminals, these scholars say.”

‘Hate crimes and Spain´s Nazi Skeletons in the Closet,’ one in a series of articles in ‘Centro de Investigaciones en Derechos Humanos, explains the history of Hitler’s Nazis in Spain, as well as that of the neo-Nazis they groomed:

“After the defeat of Nazi Germany, thousands of war criminals either passed through in search of a safe haven, or found a new home in Spain.”  Fascist dictator Franco, one of Hitler’s good friends, would never extradite or prosecute Nazis. Even after Franco’s death in 1975, “whole colonies of them [Nazis war criminals] lived here undisturbed for decades.”

Those men who escaped justice left a strong legacy to neo-Nazi youth.  The Centro de Investigaciones say:  “By some estimates, the neo-Nazi count in Spain reaches thousands, with Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid taking the lead. Nazi activities are manifest in sports (e.g. football), as well as in specific music scene.”

These young Nazis commit hate crimes which slip under police radar.  They target foreigners, political opponents, homosexuals, the homeless and drug addicts.

Many neo-Nazis in Spain are skinheads. says skinheads have been there since 1984.  Police statistics say that skinheads in Spain now number over 2,000; and some 600 are considered ‘decidedly dangerous.’

Nizkor estimates: “Spanish Skinheads have cooperative links with other organized extremist groups. Among these groups are Juntas Espanolas (Spanish Councils), a far-right nationalist party that opposes immigration, and Las Bases Autonomas, a network of far-right groups that has claimed responsibility for the same kind of street thuggery typical of Skinheads.”

It is a pitiful legacy that Hitler’s Nazis ‘fathers’ hiding in Spain leave to this generation of neo-Nazis.  In Bible historical books, God promises that He will visit “ . . . the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me (Exodus 20: 5).”  And no matter how much they try to justify themselves, those who hate human beings of any class or race, in reality hate God!

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  1. Drake Says:

    It was a good story untill you mentioned the Bible. If you are going to repersent God, then at least get his word right.. Try taking the Bible back to Hebrew and Greek, then maybe you will not look so numb within the mind to people who really study the Word.

  2. sam Says:

    Hi, i have reading out and i will definitely bookmarrk your site, just wanted to say i liked this article.