Poland’s Schizophrenia: Death Camps, Neo-Nazis & ‘Hidden’ Jews

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 0:41 AM
August 29, 2012

       The complex history between Germany’s holocaust against Jews in death camps in Poland involves divided loyalties within the Catholic church––including Jews forced to become Catholics––the new rise of neo-Nazis there, and the lost histories of many Polish people who have little idea of their own Jewish ancestry.

One case which has gotten much publicity lately is that of Pawel and Ola Bromson who were virulent neo-Nazi skinheads until Ola remembered that her mother had mentioned Jewish backgrounds in the family.  After researching family trees for both herself and her husband, Ola found that they were both Jews.

Now they have joined synagogue and Pawel, with the new name Pinchus, deeply regrets his violence against Jews.  He’s studying to become a kosher grocer, and the couple comfortably embrace a Torah lifestyle. They have found home.

Similarly, hoping to re-establish Jewish identity, young Polish Catholics visit Israel to learn about their Jewish heritage.   In ‘Lost Catholic Jews’ of Poland Come Home’ for thejc.com, Nathan Jeffay speaks of  “. . . the estimated tens of thousands of ‘hidden Jews’ across Eastern Europe––people whose families hid their Jewish identity and in some cases . . . forgot . . . they had Jewish lineage.”

With war looming, Jeffay writes, some “. . . families began concealing their Judaism to avoid persecution by the Nazis and the Communists.  Some ‘hidden Jews’ were handed by their parents to non-Jewish individuals or institutions during the Holocaust and grew up not knowing they were born Jewish.”

Moreover, in ‘”Schindler’s List” and the Polish Question,’ in foreighaffairs.com, Andrew Nagorski argues that while the horror of Nazis attempt to exterminate Jews is dominate, a second quandary is “the Holocaust’s Polish setting and raises divisive questions about the history of relations between Polish Jews and Catholics not only during but also before and after” WWII.

In fact, Magda Teter in her book ‘Jews and Catholics in Catholic Poland: A Beleaguered Church in the Post Reformation Era,’ Teter takes issue with conventional historians who insist that Poland’s Catholic Church won the battle against the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century.

Instead, she insists, The Catholic Church became insecure and soon turned that weakness against “infidel Jews, enemies of Christianity.”  Such thinking eventually lead to vehement anti-Semitism within Polish society.

The rise of neo-Nazis in Poland indicates that this weakness within the Catholic Church, and thus within the Polish nation, has never been overcome.  And now that Europe is marching toward World War III, a further question will be:  “How many of these new Nazis in Poland persecuting Jews will in fact be killing––not just their own countrymen––but their own blood relatives?”

Bible historical books explain that Satan’s ultimate aim in WWIII will be to kill all remaining Jews in Poland and Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  But the hand of God, and The Second Coming of His Son Jesus will end persecution of the Jews for all times.

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