Nazism’s Roots of Ancient Evil: False Deception of Christianity, Part 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:59 PM
September 19, 2012

        When Hitler first took power, he assured Germans that he was a devout Christian, but only after he successfully blended Protestant Churches under Nazi control, did he remove the veil of false Christianity.  In a few years, his Nazi-filled Protestant churches expelled all Christians who were Jews, and persecuted the few Christians and church leaders who revolted against him to the point of death.

Hannah Newman, author of ‘Nazism and The New Age, Hitler and the Occult,‘ at, insists that Hitler’s early position was ‘absolutely Christian’: “In the 1920s, Hitler’s German Workers’ Party . . . adopted a [25] point program . . .to persuade the German people that ‘positive Christianity’was in full conformity to the “moral” convictions of the Party—i.e., the Party fully embraced the morality of Christianity and that. . . (the Party embraced both as one).”

Initially, Hitler’s plan was to combine all Protestant churches into a single entity, and subsume it, as the Reich Church, under Nazi rule. When doctrinal squabbling prevented that, Hitler installed sworn members of the Nazi party as pastors of Protestant churches. Only one small denomination revolted against such nefarious involvement in church affairs.  That was the Confessing Church.

Under the leadership of Martin Niemöller, pastors and members who refused Hitler’s manipulation first formed the ‘Pastors’ Emergency League’ purposed to help Jews who had converted to Christianity.  Their dedicated resistance strengthened when Hitler’s churches adopted the ‘Aryan Paragraph’ which questioned the ‘legitimacy’ of all Christians born with Jewish blood.

In 1933 at a religious rally, other German Protestants declared full unity with Hitler’s National Socialism, and insisted that all pastors who disagreed be removed from pulpits.  They also demanded:  the excommunication of Jewish Christians; removing the Old Testament from the Bible, and presenting Jesus in iconography, sermons and doctrine as Aryan and not Jewish.

Following that rally, Niemöller, Karl Barth and others formed the Confessing Church.  Even women served as teachers and pastors. All labored to rescue Jews from gas chambers, and to feed and clothe those in need.  Eventually, Hitler imprisoned Confessing Church members and hung the founding pastors.

By the War’s start, Hitler substituted himself for Jesus Christ, demanding: students pledge themselves to him as ‘lord and savior;’ soldiers dedicate their lives in service and sacrifice to him (not Germany); girls and women reject morality and produce many children––whether married or not.

In addition to defining anti-Christ as one against The LORD Jesus Christ, Bible inspired writing adds pretending to be Christian, or act like Jesus in order to deceive.  Hitler was that type of anti-Christ, faking Christianity for the sake of money and power, exactly as some preachers do today, and just as the final anti-Christ and his False Prophet will do in just a few years (I John 2: 18).

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