Threatening ‘Mushrooms’: Islamic Growth and Decline of Nations

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 7:00 AM
September 30, 2013

christian-church-in-helsinki-defaced-with-muslim-slogansLike ominous mushroom clouds following nuclear bomb explosions, Muslims are growing in strength across Europe, reaching even into Russia.  Just as Nazis did, Muslim men impregnate multiple women to produce new, younger warriors. But, like bloating fallen empires, Europeans lazily do nothing to resist.

Growing older, native European populations follow leaders who appear blind to these threats as they work to strengthen the European Union, and resurrect the Holy Roman Empire. Comfortable in apparent success, they dismiss encroaching Muslims as nagging interlopers to be deported at first chance:

“Europe, in denial, afraid to face the truth about the Islamist threat, has taken the coward’s way out and stuck its head firmly in the sand. Even as the radical Islamist networks threatening to take over Europe entrench themselves in the violent enclaves within the swelling Islamic communities in the cities,

“ . . . the EU’s politicians, with their elastic sense of morality and double-jointed value system, outdo themselves in attempts to reassure their constituents, and defang the Islamist terrorism about to explode in their back yards,’ Ali Salim argues in ‘How Islam Conquers Europe.’

Soeren Kern writes in ‘Iceland to Get its First Mosque’ that even in far North Iceland, Muslims have gained a foothold.  With construction funds they admit comes from foreign donors, two Muslim groups have gained approval from the Reykjavik City Council to construct a Mosque in an upper-class neighborhood.

Sharing some 800 members, the Muslim Association of Iceland and the Islamic Cultural Center of Iceland fight for Mosque control. While only 0.4% of Iceland’s population, Muslims have increased by 10,000% since 1990.

Moreover, great Russia watches its hundreds of beautiful Eastern Orthodox churches shunned by those who lean more toward Islamic beliefs. As Clifford May posits about Russia’s changing population in his review of Ilan Berman’s new book, Implosion:  The End of Russia and What It Means for America:

“Within this population is an ‘expanding Muslim underclass.’ And even those who are better off tend to see themselves as Muslims in Russia––not Russian Muslims. A growing minority embrace bellicose interpretations of Islam.”

The fault in nations lies with spiritually cold Christian churches.  Describing Muslims bragging about their burnings of church+burning-CopticCoptic Churches in Egypt, Raymond Ibrahim says:  “This anti-Christian fury has taken on genocidal proportions. ‘Allah willing, the day is coming when no Copt will ever again tread the ground of Egypt––and no churches. We will no longer allow churches to exist.’”

Apparently, Christian churches around the world––especially in the United States––are sleep while under attack.  Throughout Europe and Africa, as Muslims massacre Christians and destroy their churches, officials in power say little.

They should remember that, while Samson had far more power than his enemies, his allurements with the world put him to sleep, allowing his enemies to enchain him.  Thus, as Christian non-fiction prophecy books warn:  “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep (Romans 13: 11).”

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