Not Much Good News: A Year’s Review of 2013 Month by Month

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 1:59 AM
December 31, 2013

Pope-Benedict-XVI        2013 started off with a bang!  The Catholic church continued its decline from 2012. The European Union seemed to be recovering from its economic doldrums, while the U.S. still floundered in the same doldrums. And China, North Korea, Russia and Syria still marched the world toward its final war.

Throughout January the world continued to slog through scandals at the Vatican.  Who kept leaking negative stories about church secrets: The Pope’s cook, his butler, a jealous cardinal, or a nefarious priest? What about the Vatican bank, from which priests disappear with millions of dollars. The Mafia supposedly has money in that bank, and it made certain parish priests in Italy quite wealthy.

A banker’s daughter is kidnapped and Italian police open the grave of a Mafia kingpin to look for her body, and no body explains why a known Mafia criminal is buried on what is suppose to be holy ground.

Pope Ratzinger cries over the grave of a dead pope as if longing to be with him.  He has a heart operation, but still looks sickly.  And then there are the stacks of law suits over priests abusing children, accusing the Pope of negligent inaction.

Three retired bishops report that other bishops are being blackmailed for homosexual activities in Rome’s lowest brothels.  And Cardinal Paolo Romeo tells an audience in China that the pope will be assassinated within a year.

Finally in February, Pope Ratzinger resigned. It must have rocked cosmic forces: the same month Hezbollah joined Syria’s side in that country’s civil war, and Syria has been winning ever since.  Also North Korea launched its own nuclear weapons test, its third missile launch in several months. And the world shuttered!

In March, to conclude their weeks-long agonizing over who should be the next pope––not another German, or Italian, but maybe a choice from Africa or Latin America.  Finally, they compromised and named Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, the son of parents who migrated from Italy, to placate old Europe, as well as the new world.  A Jesuit, the new Pope chose the name Francis to identify himself with care for the poor.  Since then, he has dazzled the world.

Events heated up in April. When diplomats from Britain and France told the U. N. that Syria had used chemical weapons several times, the world had a huge hiccup. An earthquake in southwestern China killed 186, and injured over 8,000 more.  And a new bird flu broke out there taking at least two lives.

A Bangladesh factory making clothes for J.C. Penny, Benetton, etc. collapsed, killing 377 people; and two Boston-marathon-bombersbrothers, recent immigrants to the U.S. from Chechnya, blew up pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring at least 264 others. This nation has not healed from that astonishment.

Nor has England recovered from the two African Islamic migrants hacking down a young decorated British soldier as he walked toward his barracks last May.  Like the boys from Chechnya, the angrily insane killers did so to avenge Islamists England is supposedly killing in wars somewhere.  Both nations know they must deal with those migrants who hate us; they just don’t seem to know what to do!

The rest of the year 2013 coming soon.  But as Christian non-fiction Prophecy Books promise:  “One woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter (Revelation 9: 12).” So look out for the woes coming in 2014!

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