Why Experts Agree: We Are In the End of Days, Part 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:17 PM
July 17, 2012

       We should have included near financial collapse in that long list of pending disasters we sent you yesterday.   Today, even ‘always-positive’ Wall Street folks warn that it will be difficult to avoid the next Great Depression. Extinction Protocol adds such an economic collapse will end in the complete breakdown of society.

In ‘How Close Are We to New Great Depression?,’ Catherine Boyle of CNBC says:  “The risk of a new depression—a sustained, severe recession—has struck fear into the heart of markets and driven monetary policy in developed economies since the current financial crisis began.”

Richard Duncan, who wrote ‘The New Depression,’ adds:  “When we broke the link between money and gold, this removed all constraints on credit creation. This explosion of credit created the world we live in, but it now seems that credit cannot expand any further because the private sector is incapable of repaying the debt it has already, and if credit begins to contract, there’s a very real danger that we will collapse into a new Great Depression.”

But, agreeing with what The Extinction Protocol has warned about the breakdown of civilization, Duncan then adds, “If this credit bubble pops, the depression could be so severe that I don’t think our civilization could survive it.”

Again, as we mentioned yesterday, history should be the gauge.  World War II came about because the world was in the Great Depression.  Hitler was able to get young idle thugs to follow him because there were no jobs, and at least he had uniforms, a plan and a purpose.  This same scenario is now taking place in Europe where over 50% of young men 25 and under are unemployed.

Another one of those always positive Wall Street guys, Larry Kudlow writes in ‘A Global Recession?  The Warning Signs Are Everywhere,’ “Is it possible that we are already in a global recession but just don’t know it yet?  And is the U.S. itself—still the epicenter of the world economy—standing on the front edge of another recession?”

Britain’s newspaper, ‘The Telegraph,’ argues:  “Fund managers from across the world have begun to doubt Germany’s ability to withstand further shocks from the region’s debt crisis, registering a stark change in view since the late spring.  A net 32 of money managers expect trouble in Germany, a dramatic reversal since May.  Europe’s debt crisis is by far the biggest worry worldwide, with the US ‘fiscal cliff’ and China’s property slide well behind.”

Such news, compounded with national drought conditions caused by Global Warming means that our nation is in for an unavoidably rough year.  In Bible historical books when Jonah stubbornly refused to tell the people in Nineveh to prepare for judgment, God prepared four personal warnings for Jonah.  Let us not be stubborn like Jonah.  Let us prepare for the coming awful days ahead!

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