Sandy Hook Slaughter Is For Hitler’s Era Nation, Not The U.S.A. Part 3

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 2:50 AM
December 20, 2012

        As with most of the mass shootings in the United States in the past few decades, confusing reports from various news media dominated the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  But confusion doesn’t explain everything.

Implying that Sandy Hook shooting was sabotage, site, which is very much a pro-gun advocacy, claims there was: 1) An excessive number of student absences that day; and 2) Evidence of a second shooter at the school.

In other words, that site posits that certain powers sacrificed 20 young children in order to push the American population into demanding more gun control.  While this blogger does not agree with that premise, nonetheless it cannot be denied that––before collective scrubbing of information in mainstream media––news agencies reported more than one killer at Sandy Hook during the massacre.

According to ‘intel’s’ blogger shepard: “A caller on the Alex Jones [Radio] show Friday gave a report from Newtown that he was in a bowling alley before 10 AM (before the shootings took place) signifying that the school population was possibly held artificially low Friday as a possible militarized operation took place.

“The caller has also stated that an unverified rumor is circulating amongst the school staff that the shooters were described to be disguised ‘organized group of nuns’ infiltrated the school property to carry out the shootings leaving at least 26 dead at an elementary school Friday.”

Alex Thomas of also reports, “According to a report on CNN, a man in camouflage gear has been taken out of the woods in handcuffs near the school. This is a huge development as it shows that there were most likely at least two suspects. It is possible that the second arrest will be completely covered up in the near future.”

Moreover, ‘The Atlantic Wire’ writes in its early reports:  “The Hartford Courant says that ‘shortly after 9:40 a.m., police reported that a shooter was in the main office of the school.’ Witnesses say at least one child was carried out of the school by a police officer and appeared to be wounded. The Courant also says there are unconfirmed reports of two shooters—one dead and one at large. They published the photo on the right of firefighters and first responders on the scene.” And this news has not been ‘erased.’

Although it does seem to have been scrubbed from his sight, theintelhub says Reuters blogger, Matthew Keys@The MatthewKeys wrote:  “Clarification on the NBC report: Person in custody, may be second individual connected to CT school shooting (not two in custody).”

As already stated, we do not think that ‘some’ or ‘a few’ government bodies allowed these children to be killed in order to institute gun control.  But we do acknowledge that major media outlets often report only what law enforcement allows.  It is only because the full truth has been smothered so many times in these mass shootings, that we are skeptical now.  Cultural studies war history proves the truth of God’s Word, “that no lie is of the truth (1 John 2: 21c).”

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