Saudi Arabia’s ISIS: 911 Not Soon Faded From Consciousness, Pt. 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
September 18, 2014

Saudi-Arabia-supports-terrorism      Things continue to fall further apart in Europe and the Middle East.  Factions, religions, and nations constantly redefine themselves. Thus, heretofore ‘secrets’ seep out from resulting cracks. These ‘secrets’ warn the U.S. to beware!

Scotland tears away from the British empire.  Ukraine moves closer towards Western Europe while trying to hold its Russian separatists at bay. ISIS steals valuable oil lands from Syria and Iraq. But various officials claim not to know how or why ISIS exists, or if it is Islamic, or who provided it initial financial support.
Funded by politically involved religious groups in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Qatar, ISIS is also partially armed by tons of military equipment carelessly left behind by the U.S. military, which––after ‘giving away’ perfectly good equipment to American police forces––now begs Congress to fund more military gear.  Another money grab by the military industrial complex.

As Ian Sinclair argues in ‘Eight Facts Everyone Should Know About the Rise of ISIS and the New War in Iraq’: “. . . the foster parents of ISIS and the other Sunni jihadi movements in Iraq and Syria are Saudi Arabia, the Gulf monarchies . .

. . . and Turkey…The Atlantic notes ISIS’s success in Iraq is in part due to the support they have received from two Persian Gulf countries: Qatar and Saudi Arabia.” Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6, believes that the rise of ISIS was the consequence of “sustained funding” from Saudi Arabia.”

As Josh Rogin points out in ‘America’s Allies Are Funding ISIS’: “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), now threatening Baghdad, was funded for years by wealthy donors in Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, three U.S. allies that have dual agendas in the war on terror.

“Back in 1990, the U.S. attacked Iraq in order to liberate Kuwait from Hussein’s clutches. Now Kuwait is helping the rise of his successors.” Now with the rise of ISIS, countries the West and Middle East have colluded together to construct a monster they may not be able to put down. Most of those named countries control the world’s oil and claim to be America’s allies. Turkey is even in NATO and craves membership in the European Union.

Another problem is knowing if ‘world’s’ new enemy, ISIS, is Muslim or not.  As Igor Volsky and Jack Jenkins in ‘Why Isis-armed-readyISIS Is Not, In Fact, Islamic’ writes: “Indeed, even from the viewpoint of a casual observer, ISIS is an abomination to Islam. . . a minuscule minority of extremist groups claiming to be Islamic have exploited . . . a way to reinvent Islam as a ‘violent’ religion.”

With its rapid and disciplined advancement over nations thought to be far superior to what was assumed to be its meager band, ISIS warns of the immediate rise of anti-Christ, the most evil man who has ever lived.  Uprooted Palestinians claim in ‘Ignorant Wahhabi Fake-Muslims Preach Death as Zionist Rabbis’:

“A Saudi Wahhabi preacher . . . stated that the killing of Muslim women and children is permissible . . . when it is done as collateral damage resulting from the ‘lawful’ aim of killing infidels. . . These Wahhabi preachers are providing Fatwas . . . Civilians in Syria have been indiscriminately targeted by Wahhabi terrorists . . . all under the justification of fighting an ‘Infidel Regime’.”

As Daniel points out in the Bible’s cultural studies war history about Satan’s ultimate evil one, the anti-Christ:  “And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done (11: 36).”

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