Vile Nazism As Strong as Ever in Heartland of the Ukraine

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:23 PM
July 13, 2012

    From Nazi flags sported by hooligans at the euro 2012 soccer games, to new school textbooks glorifying Hitler and the SS, to professional advertisements on the streets––it is clear that neo-Nazism is alive and growing in the Ukraine.

Sol Campbell, a former famed footballer on Arsenal and Totterham Hotspur teams in England warned British fans and players alike to “stay away from the European Championships because they “could end up coming back in a coffin.”

Campbell insists that because of the levels of Nazi racism in Poland and the Ukraine, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) never should have scheduled the 2012 games there.  Indeed events during the games proved him right.

A BBC documentary shows Ukrainians giving Nazi salutes, making monkey noises in front of Black players, and chanting anti-Semitic slogans.  Neo-Nazis have 18 organizations throughout the Ukraine, in city where games were played.

Ukrainian Nazi youth warned British players and fans of African and Asian descent, “come on we’re waiting for you.” According to Farrell Dobbs of, most of the hard-core Nazi hooligans were trained at paramilitary camps run by ‘The Patriot of Ukraine’ on ways to inflict mayhem during the matches.

One of those football hooligans boasted about how they would riot and hurl racist abuse at black England stars.  Dobbs says, “The group’s leaders said the hooligans were seen as “foot soldiers” that would proclaim their contemptible message of racial hatred to the world during Euro 2012.”

In Lvov, posters praise Ukrainian Division Galichina, the 114th voluntary trooper division on the SS manned by Ukrainians who fought against Russia and pledged an oath to Hitler.  City officials call the ad posters ‘social advertising,’ but Russian News services say that those same officials actually paid for the posters.

In an article on how Ukraine’s new history books glorify Nazism, says Ukraine’s new textbooks present the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists as fighting for the liberation of their country, not necessarily fighting for Hitler.  Pravda says that Ukrainian authorities believe that those who fought with Nazi Germany should be seen as heroes, not criminals.

Political analyst Vladimir Kornilov adds:  “Ultra-nationalism has radicalized in Ukraine. That’s because for five years it had been strongly supported by the ruling elite. Now ultra-right and neo-Nazi movements are infiltrating football supporters. And nobody does anything about it.”

Is there a reason that anyone believes that such rites and behaviors push the world ever closer to World War III.  Cultural studies war history indicates that Ukraine’s behavior is but a precursor of that coming War.  But as the Bible says, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23: 7).  If Ukrainians want to relive World War II, only another defeat can stop them.

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