Sobibor Poland: An Unearthed Nazi Killing Field

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:30 PM
August 24, 2012

    When he began looking for his families remains at the Nazis Death Camp in Sobibor, Poland, Israeli archaeologist Yoram Haimi unearthed new history that indicates more Jews and other prisoners were killed there than originally thought.

To cover their crimes, Nazis completely destroyed the camp, covering it over with layers of dirt and planting pine trees everywhere, so the area now just looks like a forest––or at least it did before Dr. Haimi started digging for evidence.

Sobibor––along with Belzec and Treblinka also in Poland––unlike other camps, supposedly built for industrial work––were built just to exterminate Jews.  In ‘Nightmarish Memories of Nazis’ Sobibor Death Camp,” BBC News explains:

“Sobibor was one of three secret killing factories built by the Nazis in eastern Poland. In 18 months, a quarter of a million Jews were transported here and murdered in the gas chambers. Their bodies were incinerated, their ashes buried in pits.”  Wikipedia adds:

“Jews from Poland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Czechoslovakia, as well as Soviet prisoners of war (POWs) (many of them Jewish), were transported to Sobibor by rail, and suffocated in gas chambers that were fed with the exhaust of a petrol engine.”

While the Nazis never intended the camp to be seen again, Haimi and his team were able to reconstruct the camp layout.  Haimi, age 51, explains:  “I feel like I am an investigator in a criminal forensic laboratory. . .  a murder scene.”

The scientist originally began his excavation to find accounts of the deaths of his uncles.  But while that hasn’t turned up, he has uncovered other ungodly findings, such as the Nazi murder of “Lea Judith de la Penha, a 6 year-old Jewish girl from Holland.”

In his Associated Press story on Haimi, Aron Heller reveals that in his five years of work, Haimi has brought thousands of items to light––keys, teeth, bone fragments, jewelry, coins––all which will help identify some of the victims.

In addition, Heller writes, “The heavy concentration of ashes led him to estimate that far more than 250,000 Jews were actually killed at Sobibor.”  And then there is ‘the road to heaven,’ now lined with tall trees, at the end of which were the murderous gas chambers were untold millions were slaughtered.

The Poland Jewish History Tour says “Poland was home to the largest Jewish population in Europe and served as the center for Jewish culture.” But of some 3.5 million Jews in Poland at the start of WWII, “barely 11%––369,000 people––of Poland’s Jews survived the war.”

With that kind of history, why do some Poles relish the rise of neo-Nazism?  Maybe, as in ‘brotherhood of the rose,’ killing becomes a way of life.  But as God’s Word says, “. . . because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. . . . Therefore shall the land mourn (Hosea 4: 1, 3).”  More in the next blog.

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