Sikh Temple Neo-Nazi Attacks Harbinger of Rising Hate Groups in U.S.

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 23:52 PM
August 29, 2012

As if the neo-Nazi murders at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin were a signal across the Nazi world in the United States, another Nazi attack occurred this week in Michigan, and a neo-Nazi ex-con has jumped bail complaining America is too tolerant of minorities, Jews and other ‘undesirables,’ and Nazi hate music rocks on!

Moreover, the internet is exploding with additional stories on the wide-ranging reach of neo-Nazis in the United States military.  So much of this is mindful of neo-Nazi activities in Germany and throughout Europe.

        In East Lansing, Michigan, this week, American neo-Nazis attacked Zachary Tennen, a 19-year-old Michigan State University student as he was leaving an off-campus party.  After savagely beating him, they stapled his lips together, starting in the back side of his bottom teeth and moving upward.  Before attacking Zachary, two men with shaved heads asked if he was a Jew.  When he answered “yes,” both attackers raised their arms in a Nazi salute, chanted “Heil Hitler,”  said they were members of the Klu Klux Klan and began to beat him to unconsciousness.

After he woke up, Zachary took a cab to the hospital, and called the police––before he went into surgery!  The young man is now recuperating at his home in Franklin which is in Oakland County, Michigan.

In a joint report, Tammy Stables Battaglia of the Detroit Free Press and Matthew Miller of the Lansing State Journal write that Zachary’s jaw is wired shut, his bottom teeth are knocked crooked, and his face is swollen.

Now what also makes this mindful of European denial and  neo-Nazi support within law enforcement, East Lansing Police said that they doubt the attack was a hate crime.  Zachary’s father, Bruce Tennen called that assumption absurd.

Rather than taking Zachary’s account about the attackers, police rely on two witnesses.  According to Battaglia and Miller:  “East Lansing Police Capt. Jeff Murphy told the State News, MSU’s student newspaper, that two witnesses saw the assault occur in the driveway, but they could not say whether staples were used and did not hear or see anything that could be construed as a hate crime.”  Apparently, Zachary stumbled into the wrong off-campus party given by friends of the Nazi attack duo, and they seem to be the witnesses that Captain Murphy relies on.

Bill White, the Virginia neo-Nazi who claimed he was offered asylum in an anti-American nation, was picked up in Mexico and sent back to jail.  Alex Fitzpatrick 7 of says that the internet now explodes with neo-Nazi hate music.  And the Southern Poverty Law Center claims the hate groups it monitors in the U.S. has increased to over one thousand in the last three years.

Germany is now clamping down on its neo-Nazi groups. The  U.S. must  do the same.  The Bible and cultural studies war history speak of people with eyes who refuse to see.  Germans saw Hitler moving to war, but wouldn’t believe it.

Jews saw other Jews dragged off to work camps, but didn’t think it would happen to them.  Isaiah mentions “the blind people that have eyes, and the deaf that have ears (43: 8).”  And Jesus admonished His disciples, “Having eyes, see ye not? (Mark 8: 18).”  True Christians must pray for ‘eyes’ to see the times we live in!

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