Belgium: A Safe Haven for Neo-Nazi Fascists!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 15:22 PM
September 7, 2012

Like the United States, Belgium has a severe problem with neo-Nazis serving in their armed forces.   A few years ago, Belgian police arrested a group of 17 neo-Nazis in Flanders, Antwerp and Limburg of whom 11 were in the military.

The police raid included 150 agents who searched five military barracks and 18 private homes in Flanders, from which they removed weapons, explosives, munitions and bomb-making materials.

According to Nicholas Watt of The Guardian, the well-armed Nazis “were said to be planning to destabilize the country’s institutions in a series of terrorist attacks.”  However that raid brought Belgium’s Blood, Land, Honor and Faithfulness neo-Nazi organization to national prominence.

Belgium’s federal prosecutor said of the 17:  “ . . . soldiers and people with an extreme right ideology who clearly express themselves through racism, xenophobia, Holocaust denial, anti-semitism and neo-Nazism.”

Nick Ryan writes that neo-Nazis under threat in Germany and the Netherlands flock to Belgium, which they consider to be a safe-haven for fascists.  Home of a strong right-wing party, Vlaams Belang, Belgium sent some 40,000 Jews to the gas chambers during World War II.

Wikipedia claims that this neo-Nazi group has planned to “infiltrate the state mechanisms,” since the 1970s.  But while Nazi groups were scheming underground to instill white-only racial-identity in Belgium, national officials sought to integrate Muslims into Belgium society.

As Dr. Arun Kundnani writes that official plan failed: “From the late 1990s, a policy of  ‘inburgering’  (making  citizens)  came  to  be  premised  on  the idea  that  immigrants  and  their  descendants,  irrespective of their actual citizenship status, needed to undergo a cultural transformation to acquire support for European values of gender equality, freedom of expression and secularism.”

Further, Belgium tried to find what they called ‘moderate Muslim’ partners who had embraced European values.  They even created ‘officially elected Muslim’ leaders.  But, through various public relations mishaps, insincere government manipulation, violent political murders, and the growth of the neo-Nazi underground connected to extreme-Right parties––the plan failed.

Always needing a specitic enemy to justify neo-Nazi violence, rather than anti-Semitism being the message,  neo-Nazis made counter-jihadism the message.  As right Wing politician Philip Michel Frans “Filip” Dewinter said:

“Islam is now the No. 1 enemy not only of Europe, but of the entire free world. After communism,  the  greatest  threat  to  the  West  is  radical  fundamentalist  Islam.  There  are  already  25–30  million  Muslims  on  Europe’s  soil  and  this  becomes  a  threat.  It’s  a  real  Trojan  horse.”

If anyone is left after World War III to record what led to earth’s worst horror, Belgium will provide the perfect cultural studies war history.  Job explains how such a small country could make such a big difference in world destruction:  “Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase (8:7).”

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